Welcome back.

I decided to take a break from the usual and do a short piece instead. It’s purely fiction but it gives a picture of what goes on sometimes behind our acts and smiles. I hope you enjoy it.

***   ***   ***

Monday, 8:55 pm.

(Denver, Colorado).


The stage is set,

The crowd is seated,

5 minutes till the show began.

Her phone rang,

It’s brother calling,

“Mother suffered another attack”.

Letting out a quiet sob,

She shed a silent tear,

And said a quick prayer.

Her stomach began to hurt,

Her head started to pound,

And her mouth went dry.

It’s 40 seconds to the play,

The people were expectant,

She stood from the couch.
The curtain opened,

Magdalene stepped on stage,

Her fans all cheered.

She gave her best,

And melted their hearts,

But her fears were masked.

The Performance was over,

With thunderous applause,

And standing ovation.

She beamed and smiled,

Gave them a bow,

The curtain was drawn.

Behind the scenes,

She dialled her phone,

Brother didn’t answer.

She called repeatedly,

He picked at last,

His voice was faint.

Her heart skipped twice,

The words then came,

“Mother has passed”.

She ended the call,

And made no sound,

Her world just crashed.

Looking into the mirror,

She took a deep breath,

Her pain well-hidden.

There was a flight to catch,

A show the following day,

Minnesota was waiting.


***   ***   ***

Thank you for reading!



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