Welcome back.

Yaaay…the Christmas season is gradually getting closer. Yes, it’s that time of the year where lights and trees are displayed, food and gifts are exchanged and there’s goodwill and cheer among people all over the world, especially believers. I spent a good part of yesterday and this morning, listening to CAROLS. Well, it’s about time. Here are my top favorite classics with the YouTube links:

I used to be a big fan of the Christmas season, until 2 years ago when disaster struck the island where I live, on Christmas Eve. We had an unusually heavy rain which led to a massive flood that destroyed properties and sadly claimed some lives. That was one of the scariest experience I’ve had. Thank God for divine protection and safety. I however lost my usual Christmas season enthusiasm since then. I hope for the sake of my future children especially, I can put behind that unfortunate incident and enjoy the usual bustling that comes with this blessed season. So my official COUNTDOWN to Christmas has begun>>>


Christmas tree (Photo-credit: WEB)

Oh, the many lovely benefits of beautiful friendships. After today’s church service, we had a super-lovely lunch at a friend’s. It was a typical Nigerian (Yoruba) dish- Wheatmeal with “Abula”**, one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. This our kind host can feed the nation though, there’s hardly a time I’ve been to her place that I didn’t eat more than my usual. I’ve said a few things about her in previous posts, you can read her blog here.

**(Abula is a mixture of ewedu, gbegiri and stew).

One of my thoughts as today’s sermon progressed was Why am I a Christian hence this post. By God’s grace I’ve been saved for over a decade now and for the most part, the journey has been great. I won’t  begin to recount some of the challenges I’ve encountered or the seemly minute temptations I face on a daily basis. That’ll be digressing. There were days I was more confused than convinced about my Salvation. Through it all I serve a faithful Father whose love and mercy has kept me till now.

I come from an aboveaverage Christian Family, where both my parents were saved before they got married. So typically I grew up as a church-girl, infact it was the only social life I had throughout my childhood. I was raised to speak, dress, and act like a Christian, I was into all kinds of children/teens activities in church, but ofcourse all that didn’t make much difference until I had my new birth experience.

Now back to the question, to break it down a bit: why did I become, and better still why do I remain a Christian? I honestly don’t know all the answers yet but perhaps I can ponder on it some more, searching my heart-thoughts and motives with the help of God’s spirit. Here are my current reasons however:

  • I NEVER would make it without God. I don’t even want to try. There are some details of my life that are messy and complicated right now, and only God can fix them. I am proud to say that I’m still a WORK-IN-PROGRESS.
  • I LOVE God. I know I don’t love him yet as much as I should, but I do love this AWESOME King. He’s the center of my Life, the song that I sing, the air that I breath. I could go on. He’s my ALL in ALL.
  • I live in a CRAZY World. That’s the truth. The world is ever-changing, full of lies, darkness and deceits. It’s a world that prefers falsehood to the truth, and celebrates wickedness instead of righteousness. God alone is my hiding place, a safe harbor and secure foundation in this sinful world.
  • And ofcourse, God LOVED me first. He called and chose me way before I came into this world (Romans 8:28-29). The very thought of that is Amazing. So I’m only responding to great grace he’s shown to me. This is my number 1 reason for becoming a Christian.

 I guess there are some other reasons, I might perhaps share them in subsequent posts.

Thank you for reading!



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