Welcome back.

As I write tonight, I’m humbled by the number of feedback I’ve recently received. Like other amateur bloggers, I refer my blog to friends, family and colleagues, and expect most of the feedback from them. It’s amazing to know that people outside my circle of influence are actually reading too. For the few followers I’ve read from, I’m stunned by how well-crafted and inspiring their posts are compared to mine. I know there’s still a lot of learning for me to do. I’m however encouraged by you guys, thank you SO MUCH! ☺️😊

Anyone meeting me for the first time, would probably describe me as: COOL, CALM & COLLECTED. I think MOST of the time, I am. Today was however an exception as I decided to behave otherwise towards a Friend. We had an understanding that this Friend would give some moral support for something I had to participate in. When the time came the moral support wasn’t available and I felt disappointed. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have thought much about it but for some reasons I decided to voice out my disappointment. The reaction that followed was a sober Friend making repeated apologies. Still, I held on to the disappointment. The motive was to make my friend see how bad I felt. Friends are supposed to support one another no matter what I reasoned, so I had the right to be angry, after all, I’m only HUMAN. 

The more I pondered on it however, the more selfish my action appeared. I wasn’t extending grace to this Friend as I continued to hold on to the disappointment. Letting go isn’t the human thing to do, but I know it’s the Christian thing to do. So I had to let go.

It’s the same way for many other daily experiences i have. It’s pretty easy to make demands on others based on my human inclinations rather than on God’s word. It takes willingness and obedience to do what he’d have me do at any given time. 

PS: By the way, I’m to accept a Peace Offering (I don’t know what it is yet) from my friend to show that I’m no longer angry… 😄😉

Thanks for reading!



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