DAY 19- Let’s have some FUN. 

Welcome back.


Today was one of those days I got the chance to have a random conversation with someone way out of my league. Infact, our only common interest is the Medical Profession. In the couple of minutes we chatted, ideas and ideals foreign to mine were projected by him. The main theme of our conversation was on having fun. Now. medical school training is a tedious one that leaves little or no room for anything else one might be interested in. However I’ve met a couple of colleagues who consider having FUN as top priority despite the tight schedule. It’s customary for them to go out especially during weekends to socialize & party with friends.

As an atypical person, the things I consider to be fun are often in contrast with the average person’s preferences. One of the ideas implied in the conversation I had with that guy was that having fun meant going out. Well for me, going out to have fun is not always a necessity.  Enjoying the company of my good friends/family, reading a great book/something inspiring online, writing/blogging and being in God’s presence whether through the WORD or WORSHIP or SERVICE are some of the things that define my kind of fun. Once in a while, I feel adventurous enough to go sight-seeing, or to the movies or the beach, again in the company of Friends. In such instances my real motive for going is the company I look forward to. So whether indoors or outdoors, the company I find myself determines the amount of fun I get.  

I’m not a FAN of Wild Partying (or anything closely related), and the few ones I attended based on invitation were quite boring to me. The music, dancing, drinking and chattering are so NOT my type. Ofcourse as a BELIEVER, none of those things edify me anyway. I just end up watching others and looking for a means of early escape. I believe FUN should be something that is Pleasurable and also Productive. I don’t think I need to leave my COMFORT ZONE to have quality fun. That’s why I go Solo mostly, enjoying my own company. Fun isn’t something I do as a form of ESCAPISM from the harsh realities of Life. Fun itself is part of my life. That’s it from me.

 What does FUN mean to you?
Thanks for reading!



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