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Routines are for boring People. I agree to that. Before I go on, Please note that I don’t have enough expertise on this particular topic, so you might want to take some of my words with a pinch of salt…thanks.😉


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For the past year or so, I’ve found myself a devout follower of the ROUTINE Movement. Well, how did it start? In an effort to master the art of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, I picked up a couple of so-called good habits. To be honest, most, if not all of these habits have made a remarkable difference in the Person I am today. I’m not only more productive, I’ve also gained a better sense of confidence in my abilities. And this cuts across all aspects of my life, chiefly Academics, Finance and my Relationship with God. 


SWORKIT…My Workout App, I loveeee it!!
On any given day, I have a mental to-do-list which includes my Quiet time, Workout, Study plan, Chores and ofcourse Writing. For my weekends, I write down a well-detailed and priority-based to-do-list. My meals as well as wardrobe are usually planned too. Failure to do so would cost me extra time trying to figure out what to eat or wear. 

Now, I know all that sounds boring. Actually, I love People who are non-routine freaks. One of the things I admire about my close friends is their ability to be spontaneous. They seem to know what to do next without planning/thinking too much about it. And it works for them everytime.

However for someone of my nature who isn’t easily self-motivated, having routines help in my day-to-day activities. Here are some practical benefits I’ve observed:

  • Time-Management: This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits my routines give me. I know what to do, when to do it and for how long I should. I don’t always meet these criteria, but having a target is enough motivation. I’m proud to say that I’ve since decamped from the Time-wasters club…Lol. 
  • Discipline: Again this doesn’t come easily to me. In the past, I could spend an hour or more randomly surfing the net, reading a novel or lazing about with some other stuff, but not anymore. The fact that I have deadlines to meet each blessed day has limited me from some of those frivolous activities. 
  • Consistency: This goes along with the previous one. Routines have helped me to develop healthy habits like brushing my teeth at night to listening to worship songs every morning over time. There are days I honestly don’t feel like. Maybe due to physical exhaustion or lack of motivation. But I still go ahead. There’s something about consistency in habits that defines an Individual.
  • Organization: I don’t know about you but I love being organized. Having a well-planned schedule is essential for my maximum productivity. Routines help to monitor my Inputs and Outputs. As a believer, I’m concerned about my spiritual growth. Because of my daily practice of writing, I can reflect on how much of God’s love I allowed to be expressed through me towards others. This is one of the things that keeps me in check. 
  • Effectiveness: Now, this is the picture of me that others see. Routines help me to make little impacts here and there. From my regular study of the word (I use the YouVersion Bible app) to publishing my blogposts, I’ve received lots of feedback. I think it’s commendable to know that through my routines I’ve been able to bless others. For that I’m thankful.

Well, there are also some cons to being a routine freak:

  • Predictability: Yup. I’m pretty predictable…😔😭. You only need to live with me for a couple of days, a whole week at most, then you should be able to come up with 7 Amazing Facts about me. Well like most people, I don’t like to be predictable but with routines, there’s barely an escape route. I guess it’s something I’ll have to live with. So help me God.
  • Monotony: Routines can get you into the trap of being monotonous. Monotony kills your drive and passion. The way out is to try a few new adventures from time to time. Be open to new inspirations. If something is worth it, you can add/switch it with one of your routine activities. I’ve tried it a number of times and it has kept me SANE. 
  • Boredom: We have finally gotten to the crux of this post. It’s sadly true that routines can get boring, and that they make People even more boring. There are days I want to rebel, and I’ve succeeded a few times. I mean who cares if I write today or not? Can’t I watch a movie instead? Who cares if I do my chores today or tomorrow? Life still goes on. Well, one thing that keeps me in check is the fact that a good habit once broken, cannot be easily mended. 

Good habits are like TREASURES, difficult to come about but easy to lose. Bad habits are like STONES, easy to come about but difficult to get rid of.  (Requine)

I hope you get the picture.  Another tip is to do an appraisal from time to time on WHY YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO. Not all Activities are beneficial in the long-run. Your routines should make you BETTER and not WORSE. And more importantly, your routines should take you to the place of your dreams. 

What do you have to add about ROUTINES? Pls drop a COMMENT.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Nice piece……. I’m not actually a routine kind of person buh ever since I returned home for my I.T, av turned into a routine person. Waking up @ 5pm 4 family devotion, personal devotion @ 5:30pm n starting d house chores b4 leaving 4 work by 8pm. And i can’t say its freaking boring. It’s helped though cos m nt actually this kind of organized person b4, buh to break off 4rm boredom at tyms, i add spice to my life by doing somtin exciting each day.

  2. It guides u and so enables u know exactly what is next on ur schedule; increasing ur efficiency and or thoroughness. Helps good time management too

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