Welcome back.

Thank God for Mondays. Today was one of the best I’ve had on the ward so far because I took time to look beyond the usual activities and appreciate the blessedness of individual wellbeing. 

Assisting the Medical interns to write out Discharge notes is one of the activities I enjoy doing the most. Looking at it from a more meaningful perspective, discharging a patient means he/she can go home. What a relief to the patient, family and other well-wishers. In recent times I’ve tried not to only concentrate on learning to be a skillful Physician but to also develop the Spirit of Emphathy. That is, understanding that Patients (and their families) are in a state of physical or emotional distress. 

I was really glad today as I saw remarkable improvement in some patients who had been admitted under critical conditions. There was this guy in particular, one of those I helped with his discharge note, that was COMATOSE and had been in the Intensive Care Unit for some time. When I walked up to him and asked how he was, he excitedly told me he was doing great. It was a moment of joy for me, cos I had seen his progress since he came out of Coma to his full recovery.  

I saw another Patient who had been admitted for Status Epilepticus a few days back, chatting with a nurse and asking for one thing or the other. His conversation was with a sense humor. I remember how scary his seizure presentation was. I honestly thought he wouldn’t make it. Thank God he is now doing well. 

Then this young chap who I’d known during my Pediatrics Posting was brought in sometime last week, and was in a state of lethargy (probably secondary to DKA). The doctors responsible for him had a hard time putting an IV site. Eventually he had to be moved for management in the Intensive Care Unit. Thankfully he got better, and was returned to the ward. Today, he was calmly sitting in bed like any average teenager and doing stuff on his phone. And to think that a few days ago, he was in an unstable state. 

In all these, God is faithful. Thank God for the hardwork of doctors and other health workers, still it’s God that heals. 

“Doctors treat, but God heals.”

Beautiful Moments like the ones I narrated above, give my long hours of studying, few hours of sleep, limited social activities and other restrictions I have, a sense of meaning. Knowing that God is going to work through me to restore people’s health and wellbeing gladdens my heart. By his grace, I won’t take this opportunity for granted.


In the MAKING…
KUDOS to every other person out there, making a difference in their respective fields. From the Farmers, to the Teachers, to the Lawyers, to the Bankers and a whole bunch of others, both Skilled Workers and Professionals, thank you for playing YOUR ROLE in God’s BIG PICTURE. 



Thanks for reading!



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