Welcome back.

I don’t know about you guys but I wonder why my Weekends fly so fast. I mean it’s not like the world is coming to an end soon (or is it?). Especially Sundays, ah! Today ran like Marathon. Once the clock hit 3:00 pm, I knew the day was more or less over. I’ll stop my rant here. Thank God for his mercies.

I’d have loved to share a large chunk of today’s meal with you (and I don’t mean the KFC I had for lunch, thanks to my awesome Friend Z). It’s the spiritual meal I had in church I want to share. The sermon was AWESOME, God bless Bishop Williams. It was just the kind of WORD I needed. I know my life won’t remain the same again. Because of time constraint (Yeah, Monday is just some moments away and I need to sleep), I’ll just drop a few crumbs (you need to get the whole Bread by picking up your BIBLE to study).


A Grasshopper (Photo-credit: Wikipedia)
The Text was from Numbers 13, I suggest that you read the entire chapter. I know many of us are familiar with the story of the Israelite spies who were sent to Canaan. As we revisited it today, these 2 portions of the Passage caught my attention: 



I won’t go into the juicy part of the story, but the Israelites messed up big time by believing that evil report, and it cost an entire generation their lives. The negative perception of the 10 spies (who polluted the minds of the entire congregation) led to their negative confession and negative conclusion

Here are some points for you and I to ponder on:

  1. Our thoughts govern our words, our words govern our actions. The three play significant roles in our outcome. 
  2. Garbage in is Garbage out. Negative seeds are like weeds, they grow wild and fast, but are very difficult to control or uproot.
  3. Negative thinking is TOXIC and highly CONTAGIOUS. Beware!  An hearing-filter (based on the Bible), can help us sift the information we gather from People carefully. 
  4. We must avoid making decisions based on other People’s negative experiences and opinions. A Negative Mindset cannot produce a Positive Lifestyle. 
  5. How you perceive yourself is often how you think others perceive you. The size of your goals reflects how you size God in your mind.

Take charge of your thoughts and words this week with the help of the Holyspirit, and see the miraculous happen. 

Have a fruitful and fulfilling new week.

Thanks for reading! 



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