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After the SALVAGE Process…the STEW was as Good as NEW.
Here’s the story of today’s cooking adventure. This morning, I made some dishes for the coming week as it’s my usual practice. After that I brought out my 2-week-old stew from the refrigerator, with the intention of adding some chicken, and heating it in the microwave. To my greatest shock, as I opened the container I perceived the stew was going bad. The first thought that came to my mind was Gbese! That is, money spent on that stew just went down the drain like that 😭😣. I decided to assess the situation carefully. First, I tasted the stew and it wasn’t that bad. Next I put it into the microwave, but I didn’t like the aroma I got. I was faced with two options, to throw out the stew or try to salvage it. I went for the second. The truth is, that wouldn’t be the first time I’d experience such catastrophe, thanks to the less-than-optimal temperature of my Fridge. Usually I try to keep dishes at risk of getting easily spoilt in the freezing compartment. However, I didn’t expect stew of all things to go bad that soon (2 weeks is a long time though 😁😏). 

Anyway, just in case any of you guys wants to salvage your stew in the future, here are the SIMPLE steps I took (you can thank me later 😉☺️):

1. Remove and discard any meat or fish from the stew to be salvaged, those are the items chiefly responsible for its sourness. 

2. Pre-heat some cooking oil (a good quantity is needed) for about 90 seconds (with onions, if you like).

3. Add the “sour” stew, stir and leave to fry for about 2 minutes.

4. Add lots and lots of grounded dry chilli pepper. (It’s a MUST in this procedure).

5. Add a new set of seasoning ingredients (salt, stock cubes, curry etc) to taste. Remember the sour stew has basically lost all previous taste.

6. Allow to fry some more and stir intermittently. 

7. The goal is to make the stew turn into a darker shade of red, and have oil flowing on its surface. 

8. Add a new set of meat or fish if you desire. Stir for another minute or two.

9. Your stew is now as Good as NEW. The entire procedure is roughly about 10 minutes.

10. Invite your friends over for a Sumptous meal. Hehe…😄


That would be all for today, Folks.

Thank you for reading! 



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