Welcome back.

Today was a LONG day. The longest I’ve had in this posting so far. However, it was a very PRODUCTIVE one. 

Not minding how tired I am, I’ve decided to put down a few of my thoughts. 

My Preceptor made a point earlier today, on how we shouldn’t put too much effort on impressing him, but instead make sure that we’re getting the best out of our clinical experience. The primary goal is not to make us BOOK-SMART students but GREAT doctors.

As good as it is to make positive impressions, we should know where to draw the line. Some of us have this mentality of how we can actually impress God by what we do. We often think of our consistent acts of service, giving, praying, fasting, speaking in tongues and so on. 

God is not as interested about our acts as he is about our hearts

The aim of Christianity isn’t good works, it’s Christlikeness. The latter ofcourse will produce the former. 

God doesn’t seek to be impressed, he seeks to be glorified. It’s by remaining connected to Christ and bearing fruits that we can express his glory. 

The journey is a daily one filled with ups and downs, but we’re OVERCOMERS in Christ. 


The Christian Walk (Photo-credit: WEB)
Thanks for reading.



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