Welcome back.

I had an AWESOME day. Like a baby learning to take its first steps, I’m beginning to see myself in light of the bigger picture. I was with some colleagues, medical students like myself, and we discussed how much we have learnt and what we could now do. One of us in particular was super-excited as she took a Patient’s full History for the first time. As a more experienced student, I was able to add a few things to her notes.


Being in medical school is one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had yet. It’s really a journey with many mysteries to unfold. I’ve come a long way from knowing little, to knowing something, to knowing many things, and then learning more. It’s amazing to know that after a few semesters of hardwork, I’m becoming more like a DOCTOR than I ever was. Thanks to my amazing Teachers and Preceptors for their constant drilling, and ofcourse God’s SPIRIT of Wisdom and Excellence.

Still, I’m like an apprentice in a large workshop learning to use the right tools at the right time. Every now and then I make some mistakes, and a more experienced person puts me through.

(Photo-credit: WEB)

These are my days of little beginnings, and I do not despise them. I’m learning to enjoy the process. With each new step, I gain more CONFIDENCE. Soon, I’ll be capable of mentoring others from my wealth of Experience.

“First, take few bold STEPS, then RUN half a mile, before you know you are FLYING across the ocean”- Requine.

I know there’s a similar pattern in other aspects of my life too. I see myself taking baby steps in writing, public speaking, serving and in my walk with God. This is just the beginning, tomorrow can only be better.

With Consistent Efforts, Faith and Perseverance I’ll definitely make a DIFFERENCE in my world.

I believe I CAN FLY, and someday I will.

Thank you for reading!



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