DAY 9- Little things matter.

Welcome back.

Thank God for Mondays. Like I said in a previous post, I hope to look forward to my Mondays with as much anticipation as my Fridays. I’ve started working on a Positive Monday Morning Mindset. I’m retraining my mind to embrace the challenges, possibilities and lessons embedded in each given day. Consciously declaring the WORD of God every Morning to set my day in motion, is one principle I’ve started to practice. 


Again, the devil is a liar. I had another episode of leaving my purse behind, this time around at work. After an unusually long round and other activities on the ward, I was eager to go home and get some rest. As I prepared to leave, I rearranged the contents of my bag and forgot to put back my purse, which held my house key. Thankfully, I rode the bus home with a Colleague who kindly paid my fare. On knowing about my plight, he gave me some Money to make the return trip to the Hospital. There I saw the purse where I’d left it, safe and sound.

I was super-exhausted when I finally got home but thank God for his endless favors. He does all things well. 

I’ll try to keep this POST short. I probably need this more than any of you but I’d share my thoughts anyway.

Lately, I’ve been disappointed to see People doing certain things in a less than ideal way. And I mean simple things like speaking, dressing, eating, writing etc. I think it has a lot to do with taking little things for granted. 

For instance, PROPER SPELLING OF WORDS. How hard can that get? I know typos are common to all MEN but there are some typos we can do without. When it comes to using the dictionary, I’m an Effico. There’s hardly a day I don’t look up the meaning or spelling of at least one word. Even during random chats, I want to make sure I’m using my words correctly. I think this should be a deliberate effort, especially for those in professional settings. Do your best to preserve the standard.

PHYSICAL GROOMING is another issue. Some persons don’t just get it because they don’t care. This was an area of personal struggle for some years; I’m still not there yet but I’m definitely BETTER. Appearances do matter. It’s not everything but it’s something. It often has little to do with how much money you have. There are rich people who look quite unkempt and poor folks who appear very decent. Start with the basics, practice good hygiene. 

What if you knew that you’d become the President of your Country in the next few years? Wouldn’t you be mindful of these little things? 


The point is most of us don’t consider the things we do today in the light of the future. The future isn’t automatic. It’s only a reflection of our day-to-day inputs.

Here’s a quote from a Friend’s PM sometimes back: 

“You become whatever you’re becoming” – (Pastor Move).

(Photo-credit: WEB)

You can be MORE, be PREPARED.
Thanks for reading!



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