DAY 8- This Life…

Welcome back.

Tonight is one of the times I have a good number of issues to write about, but for the limitations of time and space. To do justice, I’ll highlight the major thoughts on my mind and perhaps in the course of this series, I can revisit some.

Of the days in the week, Sundays are the most SPECIAL for me. And I mean really SPECIAL. Ofcourse, I go to Church, enjoy the worship and fellowship with other believers. But more importantly I love it when I gain a new insight to God’s word. I’m always humbled to see how far I’ve come in my Journey with Him, in terms of growth, and how far I still have to go. Every now and then, I find myself wondering if I’m ever going to get to that point where I can confidently say I’ve become that kind of CHRISTIAN I should be. 

There are days my growth seems so slow especially when I see other Christians I admire giving their best. There are other times I wonder if I’m even growing at all, seeing the way I handle some challenging issues. There’s still so much about me that needs to be worked on by the Holyspirit. The Goodnews is that God is more interested in my growth than I am. By his grace, I’m not where I used to be when I started this race. And through his help, I’ll become all he wants me to be. I know I won’t be ashamed as I stand before him on the last day. 

Now to my thoughts:

  • God is ALWAYS Good. That was reiterated at Today’s Sunday school. We need this constant reminder even when we don’t see, feel or understand it. Life can drive us so hard that we forget God’s goodness in the midst of our frustrations. He will bring out a message of hope out of the mess life throws at us, if we allow him.
  • It’s MORE blessed to Give than to Receive. It was service unusual as one of our Members going into retirement was publicly honored, amidst stories of how much of an impart she had been in her place of work. It’s easy to focus so much on ourselves that we do little/nothing in reaching out to others. Giving is more than monetary gifts, we can give words of encouragement, time, skills and even prayers. The list is endless. There’s no excuse for not giving.
  •  LIFE happens…every second, minute, hour and day. Things happen. Some good, some bad. People are born, others die. People love, others hate. People build, others destroy. People gain, others lose. It’s easy to focus on bad news, but you mustn’t. What you do with what happens to you is what’s truly important.                                                                                               In a Facebook post last year, I shared some insights about Life.

By all means, don’t be a victim of negative circumstances. Do your best to live  with a deep sense of gratitude. 

Remember these points: God is always good, You’re truly blessed when you’re a blessing to others and Life is Beautiful.


My Sunday SMILEūüėÄ
CHEERS to a great week!

Thanks for reading.



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