DAY 7- I write because…

Welcome back.

My Weekends have a pattern, mostly of studying and doing chores. Sometimes, there are outings to attend, Friends to visit or some shopping to do. Today followed the typical pattern as I was home through out. A friend had called at my place early in the morning to collect something, and thanks to her I won the battle over sleep. After my YOGA session, I showered, booked a bit and did my laundry. I returned to the books (howbeit with less motivation), then did some house-cleaning and ironing. Apart from that, I had my meals, chatted with some friends and received a number of calls. For the most part, I had these two powerful songs on repeat:He is the Holy Ghost (CHRIS DELVAN) and Baba Na You Biko (PAUL CHISOM). Thus my day was spent.

For Today’s post, I’ll be sharing what I penned down a couple of weeks back. In one of those rare moments of deep inspiration, I decided to write about why I write.

My handwriting though…*covers face*

In a Nutshell, here are some of the reasons why I write:

  1. I write because God gives the INSPIRATION. That should be obvious, but there are days when I actually struggle to put words down. It’s as though the well of inspiration is dry and it can be quite frustrating, especially when there are deadlines to meet. For this reason, I don’t take the days of abundance for granted. Whenever something juicy is dropped into my mind, I put it down sharply.
  2. I write because it’s my PASSION. I love to write. I’m enthusiastic about it. The same way some folks are passionate about Music or Fashion or Sports. I want to know more about writing. I want to connect with People who write. Maybe someday I’ll write book(s) to make money, but for now I write because it’s fun.
  3. I write because I LIVE. I sometimes wonder how the world would be like when I’m dead, perhaps some 100 years from now. I’m deliberate about contributing my own quota to the future. Writing is a good way to make a lasting impression in the sands of time.

If you would not be forgotten

As soon as you’re dead and rotten,

Either write things worth reading,

Or do things worth writing.


4. I write because of YOU. Yes, You. If I didn’t write this, you won’t be reading it. And if you wouldn’t read it, I won’t have written it. So you are a major reason why I write. Thanks for being a worthy Audience.

Writing is a large part of me today because I write everyday. I didn’t get there overnight. It took some determination and a level of discipline. It’s whatever you commit yourself to that will distinguish you.

On any given day, I take notes from anywhere. From the moment I wake up with an unusual dream, to some thoughts from my devotion, a book I read or a sermon I listened to. Sometimes I even write down some conversations I had with my friends or family, and lots more.

i-writing (Daily Reflections)
MY DIARY…ready to write.

So the challenge is on, what is it that you’re Passionate about?

And what are you doing about it Today?

Keep your dream(s) alive friend, the world needs it.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “DAY 7- I write because…

    1. Thanks Omooba’….it took me some level of consciousness to figure out some of my reasons too. A good way to start is by asking yourself the question when next you’re about to write.

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