DAY 6: Friends, Friendships & Friendliness. 

Welcome back. 

Thank God for Fridays. It’s my most anticipated day of the “working” week. I’ve started to condition my mind to be this excited about Mondays too. I should do a post about that sometime.

It’s Testimony time. Again, God favored me today. I was with my good friend Zoe, at the Supermarket earlier in the day. For some reasons, we didn’t pick up all the items that were paid for at the counter before we left. Sometime in the Evening, I discovered that an item on my receipt was missing. I called the Store and was told to come back for it, which I did. I’m thankful for a system that works pretty well. I didn’t undergo any hitch in retrieving the item and that gladdened my heart. Although the price of the said item wasn’t that much, it was still significant for my weekly budget. 

So I had this conversation today on the prospects of Longterm Friendship. I really consider myself blessed with the kind of amazing friends I have. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed deep, meaningful and rewarding friendships again and again. From my days in Elementary school, through high school, my first degree, NYSC days and uptil now, I’ve always had dependable People as friends. 

The beauty of Friendship is having Friends that would stay for life. I count myself privileged to have a number of such, people who have continuously stood by me through the thick and thin of past years. 

Friends are relatively easy to make, but it takes a level of commitment and responsibility to keep them. It’s a fairy tale to believe that once you click with a person for the first time, you’ll get along with them for life without any extra effort(s). 

I’ve heard tales of seemly “tight” friendships that went sour. I often can’t comprehend how two (or more) friends who appear to be doing really great, have their feelings deteriorate from fondness to mere tolerance. It’s even more sad when such people end up as sworn enemies. 

During my teen years, my mum would often quote this passage of the bible to me: “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly.” (Proverbs 18:24a).

This goes to say that in the long run, what determines the quality of any friendship is the willingness to invest in it. Some of us are too quick to discard friendships that would otherwise benefit us, over relatively mild issues. Not that some are not extremely toxic. 

I can’t possibly exhaust the benefits of Friendship in this post. But one of the most obvious is the Power of Influence. A popular adage says: Show me your Friends, and I’ll tell you who you are. The associations we keep go a long way in determining how we live. Our Friends can either make or mar our future. 

We should make it our priority to build strong, long and lasting friendships. We must be willing and determined to make sacrifices and allowances. We must also develop a sense of gratitude and not take our friends for granted. Friendship is a Privilege and not a Right. It can’t be demanded, it can only be developed. 


Friendship is a beautiful garden to be admired, it however requires the discipline of continuous cultivation to bloom and grow.

Here are some of my GREATEST Friends ever. They both bring out the best in me. 

The Tall guy is my correct brother ZOE, fondly called Apostle. He’s just on point. He has so much WORD and ANOINTING, abeg. It’s a blessing to be associated with him.

The cute Lady is my very Energetic sister TOYIN, super-amazing & spontaneous in her ways. She’s the boss that always makes things happen, and I’ve discovered some of the hardest truths about myself through her.


#FamilySelfie…Friends turned Family.
I hope we can still rock like this regardless of  distance and time, many years from now. CHEERS Fam!

Thanks for reading.



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