DAY 5- An Apple a day.

Welcome back.

God is good. Today was the 3rd time in the last week or so, that I forgot to take my purse or enough money before leaving the house.

The first time, I was on my way to the bus-stop when I remembered I didn’t have my purse with me. Thankfully an ATM was nearby and I was with my card, so I went to make a withdrawal. 

My second experience was yesterday evening. I absentmindedly left home with insufficient cash and I didn’t know how to get back. Fortunately I had some credit, so I called my kind friend Asholly who came all the way to the bus-stop to help me with the bus fare. 

Then this morning, I was determined by all means to go out with both my purse and enough cash. As it turned out, I dropped the purse on my dresser and forgot it as I hurriedly left home. When I got on the bus, I searched my handbag and found no purse. But as God would have it, I and my neighbor took the same bus, so she gave me the bus fare. 

Thank God for countless favors. I wasn’t stranded on any of these occasions.

Now to the day’s post.

Everyday in the hospital, I see how eager people want to stay healthy. The truth is, most people don’t want to fall sick or die recklessly. An average individual wants to die peacefully at an old & ripe age. So a lot of People adhere to strict regulations given by the doctors and other healthcare providers to minimize their risk of getting ill. 

The world we are in now is more enlightened about the overlapping roles of proper nutrition, clean environment, physical exercise and quality rest in wellness and health. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay equal importance to their spiritual health. It’s an irony that many of us would want to live for as long as possible here on earth, but we don’t think we should be as much concerned about eternity.

As the doctor’s instructions are for our physical wellbeing, so are God’s instructions for our spiritual wellbeing. Failure to adhere to them, leave us spiritually malnourished, weak and filthy. 

When Patients are non-compliant with Doctor’s orders, they put themselves at risk of several Life-threatening conditions. And when we do not make it our habit to obey God’s word per time, we expose ourselves to various temptations. 

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away; and God’s instructions per time keep temptations at bay


  Here’s a part of the scriptures that encouraged me this morning:

  1. Every test (temptation) experienced is normal to humankind. No one has the exclusive rights to be/not be tempted.
  2. God knows my limits, I won’t be tested beyond my breaking-point. Any temptation I face, he knows I can scale through it.
  3. God ALWAYS gives the strength to endure and a way of escape. Hallelujah!

Only the word of God can give us immunity against the pollutions of this world. It’s in our best interest to adhere to his instructions. 

Be Alert, Watch, Pray & stay Connected.

Victory is ours in Christ.

Thanks for reading.



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