DAY 4- The Test of Courage.

Welcome back.

It was an unusual & atypical day for me. Contrary to my well-planned routine, I had to make multiple-allowances for spontaneous events.

Earlier today, I was musing over the fact that most of us are inclined to do what is convenient rather than what is right. For an average person, at any given moment, it’s easier to cut corners than to go all the way.

As it’s usually the case, I was running out of time this morning. By the time I got to the road, traffic had considerably built up. So I started looking for a way to cut the ongoing traffic for me to get to the Bus Stop on time. Unfortunately (or rather) fortunately, the Police-Officer in charge was directing the vehicles to move onward and I couldn’t get across the road until I got to the Pedestrian (Zebra) crossing. It cost me some extra minutes, but I got to where I was going through the right means.

I’ve not been too keen on obeying traffic rules, especially the use of  Zebra crossing, because it’s often more convenient to dash across the road at any point without restrictions. I’m almost always in a hurry to get to my destination that I don’t even bother about it.

Well, doing the right thing often means going the extra-mile. Sometimes we may even experience some delay or other unpalatable experience along the way. Our test is not in the destination, our test is usually in the Journey. For us, the MEANS justify the END.

That said, I took a very BOLD step today that demanded a level of Courage that I naturally wouldn’t exhibit. I’m not so street-smart, so I often hide in the company of more exposed friends to make tangible transactions.

(Photo-credit: WEB)

Today was one of those days that I went all by myself to make a transaction I alone would be held accountable for. For the most part, I wasn’t confident but with God’s help, I scaled through.

I once read that God doesn’t give us raw courage, he instead gives us opportunities to be courageous. Today was definitely one of such for me.
One of the many definitions of Courage is, the willingness and choice to confront uncertainty.

(Photo-credit: WEB)
(Photo-credit: WEB)

In our daily experiences there will be challenges with easy and difficult options. Fear would try to hold us back but we must be determined to do what we know is right, even when we’re unsure of the outcome. That’s COURAGE.

With Faith comes Courage, and with Courage comes Victory.

Thanks for reading.



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