DAY 2- Distractions Everywhere!

Welcome back.

So I had something else in mind to share, but I experienced an acute bout of “The Distraction Syndrome” this evening, hence this post.

To be sincere, I’ve been easily distracted lately…especially by random and unimportant stuffs. Everybody’s business seems to be finding their way into my mindspace. You know the likes of:

-My High-School Mate just got married;

-My Childhood Friend has a new baby;

-My Former Roomie now resides in NewYork;

-My Colleague got a Commonwealth Scholarship.

And it goes on and on…all Goodnews I know and I often rejoice with the beneficiaries. But you know what? I’ve had it. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!


Unfortunately the social media is the major tool of Distraction and most of us can’t seem to do without it. We get our minds cluttered with the latest happenings around us in such unhealthy way that we have no room to grow and develop our own potentials. 

Photo-credit: WEB

Distractions, Distractions,

Distractions everywhere!

Distractions in the house,

Distractions on the street;

Distractions through the songs,

Distractions from the words.

If I observe closely,

Distraction is all I see..

If I listen too well,

Distraction is what I hear..

And if I perceive carefully,

Distraction is how I feel..

I can’t even think,

Distraction numbs my mind.

Everyone is saying something,

What really are they saying?

Everyone is going somewhere,

And where exactly is that?

Everyone is becoming someone,

I still can’t figure it out.

Distractions keep me busy,

And that makes me feel guilty.

I see many things,

I hear many things,

I know many things,

But hardly do something.

In the midst of my tears,

And despite all my fears,

My Focus must be SINGLE,

My Faith in God UNSHAKEN,

Distractions can’t be stopped,

But Distractions can be snubbed.

My Future has been settled;



The only ANTIDOTE to Distraction is FOCUS. 

Focus on your Goals. 

Run your Race with Passion.

Live your Life in full.

Keep moving, Keep believing.

Go steady.
Thanks for reading.

PS: I’m not sure I can stick to the 200 words/day bargain, the words kept flowing.😉


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