DAY 1- Drumroll!

Finally…I’m launching the reality blog series I’ve anticipated for some time now. The Challenge is to write every single day of this month. For the purpose of convenience I’m going with a “black/white” theme for my photos and I’ll try not to publish more than 200 words daily. 

So today’s my awesome Momma’s birthday…honestly, she totally ROCKS!


Church was a blessing as ALWAYS. Worship/Sermon on point. The Message was from II Corinthians 12:1-10. Here’s something to meditate on for the week:

“Hardships keep us anchored to the earth. 

It’s mostly when we’re down on our faces that we tend to turn to God..

Our service was DRESS-DOWN & AGAPE-FEAST…a time of fun, food & fellowship.That’s myself  with Asholly, my correct sister and friend in Christ. You can also check her blog Here

AGAPE-FEAST @Oluwanisolavivian @Eunicesmiles

Welcome on board, People.

See you tomorrow.



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