I hate love Tuesday mornings because the weekly Garbage collection in my area is that day. This means I have to be up a bit earlier than usual to tidy up and deposit the waste at the pickup joint. It wasn’t funny when a couple of weeks ago, I missed the Garbage truck. I had to run all the way across the road in order to catch up with the collectors. I wonder what I’d have done with the Waste; take it back home? Never! Thank God for small favors, I can’t even begin to imagine that. 

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So I used to be rather irritated about putting out waste; I mean who likes such a boring/dirty/foul-smelling chore? But just this morning, I had a re-think; it’s actually a relief to be made free of a whole week’s load of Garbage! Putting out Wastes should be considered a liberating task. Multiple benefits are involved: a breath of fresh air, a clean, healthy environment with less germs, toxic substances, house-hold pests and so on. I’ve decided to cultivate a more embracing attitude towards this unpopular chore. 

Which brings me to this. Thank God for Christ’s death on the cross, through his victory, we as believers no longer have to carry the burden of our sins with us. The guilts, fears and frustrations we would have otherwise been trapped with, no longer count. What a Privilege to be shown such great grace! 

My admonition is for us to continuously let go of everything that is toxic to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. According to Hebrews 12:1 (AMP), we are to throw aside every unnecessary weight and sin that entangles us, so that we can run with patience and persistence the race that is set before us.

It’s time to clean-out and gather the dust, debris, and other forms of dirt we might have accumulated over time. Anything that is stopping the efficiency and effectiveness of our walk with God should go. Enough of the self-destructive habits & self-defeating attitudes we’ve accommodated. Clutters of Pretence, Slothfulness, Pride, Selfishness, Jealousy, Lies, Unforgiveness and other mindless behaviors must be kicked out! No more room for such junk. Our lives should be saturated with love, joy, peace…and every good work.

It’s a new dawn. Let us embrace and enjoy the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. 



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