The story of Job (Job 1:1-12)

Long ago, for one land called Uz, e get one man, Job na him name.
This man dey honest, no dey find trouble, he fear God wella & hate evil like shit.
Job get 7 handsome sons and 3 lovely daughters, plus plenty money, sheep, camels, cattle…just name am.
One day, the sons of God go present themselves before Baba (God), and Bros D
(Satan) too join them.
“How far? Where you dey since?” God asked Satan.
“I been dey waka to and fro, and up and down the earth”, he replied.
“You don check-out my servant Job? He be correct guy, he perfect like no other person ontop earth” God said.
Satan replied “You think say Job just dey fear you like that? No be because you don protect am right, left, front, back and center? If you really wan try am, comot your hand small, destroy all him get and watch how he go take curse you for face”.
So God said: Oya now, I don put everything Job get for your power, but just no touch him life.
“Ok boss”, Satan answered and He comot from God’s presence.

~The End~

PS: Make I quickly yarn you 3 lessons I learn from this short tory-

  1. God dey watch everything we do, good or bad. (Please read 2 Chronicles 16:9a)
  2. You fit get plenty money and still fear God. Money no be excuse to sin.
  3. God fit permit Satan try you in certain ways, but he no go abandon you.

I hope you were blessed.

Thank you for reading!



HOW FAR: Hello/What’s up?

WAKA: To Walk

WELLA: Very well

CHECK-OUT: Take-a-look at

CORRECT GUY: An amazing Person

COMOT: To leave/Remove

OYA: Alright, it’s show time

YARN: To share your knowledge

TORY: Story


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