In this month of MAY, I’ll be featuring a number of short-stories in PIDGIN. For those who don’t know what PIDGIN is, it’s a “local dialect” (form of English) typically spoken by a number of Nigerians. My intention is to add a bit of spice to my blog by writing this way. I hope you’ll be able to pick up a lesson or more. Enjoy the reading!

PS: Please see the end of the story for the meaning to some of the words I used.


sisi joke1

“Ehm, Tokunbo, you don hear?” Na so she dey start.

Whether na morning or na Evening,

Sisi Joke no dey sit down for her own house.

Na soso wakabout she be, I tell you..

From Mallam Ibro’s shop to Mama Nkem’s beer parlor,

From the Chief’s palace to the Market square,

everyone sabi her for this village.

Amebo na her specialty, Aproko her calling..

In fact, na she dey chair the busy-body club locally.

Anywhere gist dey you go sight am,

whether na person born o or na person die, she dey there.

Any tory whey no sweet, she go spice am,

pepper and salt plenty for her mouth.

Her gists no dey stale, she never dey carry last.

E get many friendships whey she don break,

Plenty marriages nko? she scatter am wella..

She go smile at your face, stab you for back..

To confide in her na DISASTER,

To become her friend na DANGER!

Na so I take God beg you:

Don’t ENTERTAIN her,

Don’t ENGAGE her, and

Don’t ENCOURAGE her.

“Gossips can’t keep secrets,

so never confide in blabbermouths”. (Proverbs 20:19 MSG)

Sisi Joke, when you go change?


Thank you for reading!


Sisi Joke: Young lady named “JOKE”.

Amebo/Aproko/Busy-body: A tale-bearer.

Sabi: Know.

E get: There are.

Wakabout: A person that goes from one place to the other.

Tory/Gist: An Event.


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