iba feledua

Hmmmn…now ‘Iba Feledua’ is a deep song. I just love it. And I hope you would too. For Non-Yoruba speaking readers, kindly bear with me because the song comes with a mix of the language. But you’ll get the meaning with time.

In summary the lyrics speak of the faithfulness of God through each phase of one’s Journey in life. As a Medical student, it’s especially challenging for me sometimes, so after every hurdle I successfully cross, my testimony is this:

“I came, I saw, I conquered…”

So dear friend, since God has brought you this far,  he will see you through till the end too. So don’t quit/give-up on your dream yet. There’s a dance at the end of the storm. A double joy for all your troubles. This trying time won’t last forever. It will end in PRAISE. I hope you’ll be blessed with the song as I’ve always been.


Please visit this link to listen/download.

PS: Unfortunately, there are no online lyrics to the song yet.

Thank you for reading!



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