To every song, there is a story, and To every story there is a season.“. That sums up what my posts for the rest of this month will be about. Although there are many songs I know that bring certain nostalgia of some place, face or situation; I’ve narrowed them to 7 of my “current” favorite playlist songs. I’ll share the lyrics/link to the song, my story and maybe some lesson(s) I picked during that season. I hope you’ll be INSPIRED.

Okay, let’s roll!

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I NEED YOU ONCE AGAIN…{Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir}

Are you presently in a valley of uncertainty, where you feel all the hopes/aspirations you’ve built over the years are being dashed to the ground? Or maybe you are at cross-roads with so many options that leave you altogether more confused? Well, I’ve been there too. I had this experience few years back.

I need you

It was December of 2012, two months after I completed my National Youth Service. An older friend invited me to the Annual REALITY CONFERENCE (by Transfiguration Ark Revival Mission); It was exactly what I needed, because I was just there at home not really sure of how to go about my future plans. I still recall that Year’s theme clearly: “The builder of all things is God” (Hebrews 3:4). And as the Choir ministered this particular song I NEED YOU ONCE AGAIN, it was as though the burdens of my heart were laid open and my earnest prayers came forth through its lyrics. After the program, I went home uplifted and soon enough my testimony came through.

God gives us the wisdom to make the right decisions at every point if we ask him. Not every open door leads to victory, some are mere distractions. And not all closed doors signify defeat, maybe you just need to knock the right one. I hope you’ll be encouraged with the song like I was. Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1
Decisions must be made
and now I have a choice,
I need your wisdom Lord
I need to hear your voice
I’m facing challenges
and the walls are closing in..
I’m crying out to you, my one true,
faithful friend.

Verse 2
I know you are the one that guides me day by day
the answer’s found in you
you’re the truth, the life, the way.
When others seem to fail,
and troubles all around
Lord, you’re always standing there
the one true hope I found.
Hear my prayer oh lord
I need you in my life
I cry to you
oh, lord.
please lead me to the light
show me the way
oh lord
and cleanse me from my sin
(Jesus, I need you)
I need you once again
I need you
I need you once again

Please check this YouTube link

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Thank you for reading!


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