So this is the first post for the month of APRIL. A shout-out to everyone that has been of support since the year started. You’re ALL appreciated. This piece was originally written one of those days while in the Operating Theater. I believe someone needs to read it at this time. I struggled to get it published, but it’s finally here. Glory to God! ************************ attitude.. Dear Child of God, who you’re today is not by Accident even if you think otherwise. Your background, ethnicity, & life challenges are not enough to stop the great plans God has for you. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, you can MAKE a Difference. This is to you Amaka, You say “I am just a CLEANER there o, I don’t count much“. Hmmmn…my sister, imagine if there was no cleaner in that office and everywhere was left dirty and untidy…imagine the sight and smell that would accompany it. What if the toilets were not washed, if the floors were not swept and if the cobwebs were not removed? Would clients and customers be able to patronize that business-place/institution? I think not! Other members of staff won’t be able to cope if there was no clean office to work in. No wonder everyone counts on your punctuality to keep the building running. Even places like Aso rock and the white house won’t be so elegant without dutiful cleaners. So do your job with a smile on your face today, because you’re useful, and you’re making a BIG difference in your own small way. And you Mr. Kola, don’t think that you’re a mere gate-man/security guard. The safety of the goods and services, and importantly the staff of your company depends on you. Imagine if every Tom, Dick and Harry entered into the office compound unrestricted. Imagine the rowdiness and disorder. Imagine if there was no one to open the gate for a visitor/potential customer. Imagine if other members of staff have to come out of their cars to open the gate whenever they drive in or out. That would be cumbersome. You’re making a BIG difference in your own small way. So give that job your very best shot. Lastly, dear John, you’re 22 years old already and the only reason you still work as a messenger in that bank is because you can’t afford to go to the University and there’s no one to sponsor you. Every morning you resume with a long face and every evening you go home in Frustration. Everyday you see young men and women like you in their ’20s and 30s’ sitting behind polished desks attending to customers, and you sigh at your own miserable life. Let me tell you this, your contribution to the day-to-day running of the office is indispensable. Imagine if the Managing Director goes from her office to the first floor herself everytime to dispatch some files or if members of staff leave their unfinished tasks to get lunch 30-minutes drive away. What about getting the office supplies and so on? Don’t you see how valuable you are? Don’t allow anyone to make you feel otherwise. The same goes for You reading this post. You’re valuable in whatever you find yourself doing as long as you’re contributing positively to the good of humanity. You may not be where you want to be yet, but you can do your BEST where you find yourself now. “Whatsoever your hand finds to do {TODAY}, do it with thy might…” Ecclesiastes 9:10 and “…as unto the Lord”. Colossians 3:23. So I want you to take this up as an Attitude Challenge, You’re not anybody’s doormat, You’re important and your place is necessary. Your present circumstance does not determine your future outcome. So with a smile on your face, and with determination in your heart, set out to make a DIFFERENCE in your world today…and START FROM WHERE YOU ARE. Cheers. Thank you for reading! Requ1ne.


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