This is another awesome write-up from my Mentor. From what I know, being useful and meeting needs are sure ways of discovering purpose. This post will give you more insight on finding and fulfilling your PURPOSE. Have a great read!


I will start with a quote by Dr Mike Murdock, he said “All problems in life are essentially the same but differently packaged“. And another quote I heard from Philip YanceyIn every correctly stated problem lies the solution” and I will add my interpretation that “In every properly asked question lies the answer”. Life is full of questions, only those who ask questions get answers.

When the Vision is unclear
The question of purpose is One pertinent matter;severally asked and severally unanswered. But, the question always comes simple- “what is my purpose?”. I am not about to tell you your purpose, I understand that is a task each of us must undertake alone, what I am however about to do is to tell of tips that suggest purpose.
The story goes like this of a Man who at the beginning of his life was given all the wealth he will ever have in his life time and was also given a task, he would not be allowed to touch that wealth until he accomplishes the task and his task was to find what brings him joy and fulfillment and to do it. Actually that story was never told because the man still lives till today and he is you and I. Only one thing brings joy and fulfillment, it is purpose and its appropriation.
While your essence is you living, you live to fulfill a purpose, a purpose you must find out. Without finding it out , its fulfillment is ofcourse impossible.
Talking from the creationist point of view, God is the Author of all things genuinely good;purpose is His reason for our existence while plan is how that reason is justified as preordained by Him, these too are good. To appreciate this fact however we must realize some things very cogent about what purpose is about or otherwise.
1. Our giftings and talents, or in lighter words, the things we find easier to do than others and those abilities peculiar to us, are strongly connected to our purpose. Nature is not so lavish as to give you what is not of relevance to your existence.
2. Our purpose is only realizable in Giving. It is almost impossible that we realize (or fulfill) our purpose without a lifestyle of giving. Purpose has a three-way tie with fulfillment and fulfillment will never be achieved by taking but by giving.
3. It is possible to miss purpose, that is what occasioned this piece. Purpose can be missed but the grand plan, though distorted, will not be destroyed. We can only miss purpose, we cannot destroy it. It thus means that purpose is preserved even if the one for which it was meant fails in it. It is passed to another.
4. Purpose often begins as a process. Your purpose will most likely not come as a fire burning maximally from the beginning. Usually with purpose comes process – a build up process. And, the success of every process resides in its progress. Purpose then should be a process that is progressive.
5. Your purpose is for 2 main reasons- to glorify God and better humanity. It is not your purpose (And by that I mean the purpose is not God-given) if it does not make other lives better.
6. No disability or handicap is strong enough to make purpose accomplishment impossible,actually there are just a few forces on earth more powerful.
I will say there should be a sequel to this. I will call it “Purpose Plan Interaction“.



Thank you for reading!

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4 thoughts on “PURPOSE

  1. Atimes we write what we need 2 read in the future.This could have come in better ways through someone else,I am privileged.Thanks Eunice for having me.May I now set my heart 2 write the sequel.

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