You know ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree‘. This post is by my amazing Momma. She has been a great Teacher & Friend. Today she shares one of the ‘high-yield’ keys to success. Have a meaningful read.



Have you ever fiddled with maybe your bunch of just three keys on a door keyhole or locked padlock for a seeming eternity in an effort to open a door without first attempting to pair a key with the keyhole shape or a key with the padlock name? Or have you ever bought a new gadget and instead of taking out the instruction manual and carefully going through it to learn how to use your gadget, you just go headlong and fiddle with the new gadget in trial and error until you get it right or even at times cause some damage to it? You are not alone! We all go through so much stress at times because we refuse to employ the power of observation in our daily living. I always wondered at the volume of stress I could save myself from if I learn to observe the people and things around me with keenness. I have come to realize that making a conscious effort to observe the world around me could give me a whole new outlook on life itself and also afford me a richer life experience .

What is observation anyway?
Observation is more than looking and seeing with the eyes. It involves the use of all our five senses of sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch and even more! It involves keeping all of our senses tuned up without failing to register what we perceive. It also involves directing questions to people or to our own minds.

Observation is required in all facets of human existence, be it research studies and investigations, or in human relationships and ordinary daily living. Just imagine this: time and again that my neighbor’s son had greeted me, I had to look askance because I never bothered to observe and register his face the first time I met him. Or how often have I stumbled on my feet because I did not take note of the small stone on my pathway?
God even told Joshua to observe to do all that is written in the Law. Hence without being careful enough to observe what the word of God says, we cannot even obey Him! Without careful observation, a surgeon will severe a most critical blood vessel and put his patient’s life in jeopardy! Readers, we must learn the art of keen observation!

How do we improve on our ability to observe?

1) Firstly, we must learn to look at people and things without the fear of being branded as ‘Mr. or Mrs. Lukman’, and that is even at the ordinary people and things in life.

2) One should always (whenever possible) ask other people or him/herself questions.

3) Be open minded, without bias against other people and their ideas.

4) Be open to new experiences and ideas with a sense of adventure and a willingness to learn the right thing.

5) Lastly but not the least, we must learn to be attentive and good listeners.

I will conclude by adding that ‘the ability to observe in addition to man’s unending imagination constitute the main basis for every human progress and man’s technological advancement’. The human baby starts learning from the cradle first by observation and then imitation. Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity by the observation of the ordinary fall of an ordinary apple from an ordinary apple tree. Determine to be a keen observer of your surroundings today!

God bless you!



Thank you for reading!

And that marks the end of this 28-day Journey. It’s been both Challenging & Amazing. Kudos to all the contributors, friends & readers. The ultimate Gratitude goes to God.


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