Apostle as he is fondly called, is my wonderful friend and brother…one of the few people who makes SVG feel like home. In today’s post, he shares the touching story of ‘Bode’ & ‘Becky’. Read and be encouraged.


encourage yourself

*Yawn* It’s morning again! Mtcheww.. As he stretches his arms and gets out of bed, Bode tries to think back on when this chronic aversion and dislike for mornings began. Starting out as a young graduate, he had such bright hopes and dreams for the future. One way or the other those bright hopes had given way to depression and pessimism. His time-line of achievements was still drawn out and pasted on the wall in front of his bed. Once upon a time in what now seemed to be a million years ago, that time-line was a source of motivation but now it had become a sore reminder of how badly he was doing in life.
Church Is quite full today!” Becky thinks to herself while leading the congregation in worship, ” well, its thanksgiving Sunday, I hope these same people will be here when we start our monthly prayer and fasting“. Becky had been the worship leader at her local parish for the past 2 years and a member of the choir for as long as she could remember, dating back to her undergraduate years.
On her way home after service, she suddenly realized her birthday was in two weeks time. “27 years!, kai!” Her life was meant to be up and running by now, she would have imagined herself as a happily married career woman with at least one bowl of energy running around and sapping the little strength she had left after a day’s work. Instead she seemed to be spending most of her time in church nowadays as it seemed like the only other purposeful thing she could do apart from her ‘barely thriving’ bakery business. To think that she was a computer science graduate, one of those everyone was expecting great things out of while she was in school.
School was where she met Bode, an energetic funny and ambitious guy at the time, who swept her off her feet. It’s sad how he had become a symbol of all things depressing nowadays. 6 years without a job was beginning to have a full-blown effect on him and who is to say it wasn’t having an effect on her too!
Well I’m alive and healthy!” she blurted out, “God is not done with me yet, it’s only a matter of time, He is bringing me to an expected end, my expectations won’t be cut short!”. A smile suddenly begins to gain way from the sides of her mouth, the words continue to flow and all of a sudden, she isn’t depressed anymore. Who knew Pastor’s words about encouraging one’s self with God’s word would have such immediate application. And to think that she was dozing off at the early periods of the sermon. Thank God pastor’s wife didn’t notice, a few minutes of explanation thankfully avoided.
Bode knotted his tie, reluctantly picked up his office folder and headed out for the day while thanking his mum for breakfast. Still living with his parents at age 30 was not something he would wish for anyone talk less of himself. “God bless that woman for not getting tired of me“. His mum and Becky were the few sources of strength he had left at this stage and he needed all the strength he could get.
On leaving the compound, Bode tried to make a mental list of the places he wanted to drop his “C.V” after attending the interview at the accounting firm. In between all that, he was going to have to buy something for Becky’s birthday. “What to buy, what to buy, what to buy…where is the money gaan sef?” His loan requests to his mum were getting all too frequent. “Well, God will provide” he thought to himself. “He will supply my every need, the cattle upon a thousand hills is His, so He is wealthy enough to take care of me” Hmmnn“.. so what Becky said was true, he was suddenly feeling hopeful again for the first time in a long, long while. “This interview is gonna be the one!”.
Heb 11:3 describes how God created the world through His word (Jesus). Words are powerful tools given to use profit with. They can however be used negatively if not properly observed and guided and this is most often the case.
Isaiah 55:11 talks about how God’s word is an achiever that does not come back void. If we put it to use, it will always have an effect in our lives and in the lives of others. David found this out and was able to encourage himself in the Lord.
My simple word of encouragement to you is to speak not out of your situation but out of your position in Christ…It is written ” I believed, therefore I have spoken“. 2 cor 4:13



Thank you for reading!

FINALLY, tomorrow (DAY 28) marks the end of this amazing Journey. And it’s a great honor to have my Mum share with us: THE BENEFIT OF OBSERVATION. Please do not miss it.


2 thoughts on “DAY 27: ENCOURAGE YOURSELF

  1. Surely the word of God is life! God spoke and creation came into being! He expects us to speak creatively over situations too.

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