As usual, Dr. Mosope’s article is concise. Your ESSENCE is You. You may need to have your dictionary handy though…lol. Have a great read!

It is time to use the lexicon. It always is good to know the meaning of words. I checked for the meaning of the word Essence and was pleasantly disappointed. I used to think that Essence is the reason for a thing or person existing, it turns out I was wrong. Essence is the thing (or Person) itself, the core part of it.

I especially love one of the explanations I found, it says: Essence is the concentrated part of a plant or drug, the active part of it. Your essence is not the reason why you live, it is you living. Most times we fail to either realize or remember that everything we need for life is not around us but inside us. There is no need elucidating this one; If you have ever set a great goal and you achieved it, know that a greater thing lies inside of you. If you set a small one and achieved it, know that a greater thing lies inside You, even if you have never ventured to set a goal before, a greater thing still lies within. We have been wired so graciously that we can bring out something better than the last time, that is who we are.
It’s often said, and rightly too,that each of us has a genius in him. Our ingenuity is such that if we change our beliefs for good or bad, we can go all the way and be great in either direction. However, integral to any one’s success is the intrapersonal genius; the deep realization of who we are and are meant to be. An eagle ceases to live with hens the day it realizes who it is; a lion stops flocking with dogs just by coming to terms with its nature. Many challenges we have are just struggles against who we should be. Someone said that “simplicity is making peace with your complexity”. We have been made so that we can not achieve much apart from ourselves, apart from who we are meant to be. So, let us start the process of self realization this way, we were made for great and positive things; believe me this process is life long.

Here is my essence:I am Mosopé…

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Thank you for reading!

Please don’t miss tomorrow’s post (DAY 27) as Zoe shares the story of ‘Bode’ & ‘Becky’ in ENCOURAGE YOURSELF. See you then.


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