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Today’s post is about Faith, Hope & the Future ahead of us. To have Hope is to have an expectation; To have Faith is to receive the Manifestation. Be blessed as you read.


the lonely road...

The end of one journey is always the beginning of another. It is never enough to achieve one goal and be satisfied when there are more plains to acquire. Change is painful. It always comes with a cost. It hurts to bear those costs but we can’t allow that to sway us. Tomorrow is a mystery. One which we must face with resolve and strength. We move forward, always forward and into the future. The moments left are to live and to hope… In Jesus, we have faith that the days ahead will be better than the days behind.

Many times when we seek from God, we do so on the basis of hope rather than faith. And that’s where we’re wrong. At first glance, we get the idea that that faith and hope are synonymous, but if we go deeper, we see the big difference. HOPE deals with things that are yet to come but FAITH is about what we’ve already received. Faith is proof. It is evidence and It is substance. It is The reality of the unseen. Hope says ‘I believe I’ll receive it someday but Faith says ‘Whoa! I have received it’. In hope, we may still retain a seed of doubt but with faith, we believe to the core that our very desire has already prevailed.

‘Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for…’ (Heb 11:1)



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PS: Tomorrow’s post  (DAY 26) is again by someone I like to refer to as my Mentor…pls do not miss the Article on ESSENCE by Dr. Mosope.


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