Another great post from my brother Oluwaseun, this time around he admonishes us to patiently wait on God to give us the go-ahead before taking that very important step. In short, we are not ready until God says we are. Be blessed as you read.


Why the cry? I asked Lynda, and in return she gasped with raindrops of tears rolling down her eyes as she looked into my eyes wanting to give her reasons after much pestering. She was disappointed, humiliated and heart-broken by a fellow “Christian” brother and I captioned from her many words of anguish; “I thought he was a Christian, I thought he was spiritual, I thought God wanted me not to be yoked with unbelievers, was it wrong to give my all to a child of God?”, these amidst all that happened she narrated to me as I compassionately sat down to give her my ears.

make your expectations known

All she told me was quite similar to my own experience too, you wanna know? Oops! I really don’t have all that time now, perhaps some other time or if you place a request on that (smiles). Jokes apart, I also had a recent experience and here’s the summary…we both thought we had come of age and were now spiritual enough to present to God what I call a ‘budget partner’ (someone we got attracted to one way or the other) and seek his face for approval. Then we started getting close to such person, giving him/her access to our lives and calling them “hopefuls” or perhaps our ”inamorato/inamorata”, if you say you’ve not been there, well I have! *winks*.

Anyway back to the matter, I calmed Lynda down and shared with her the counsel ‘The COMFORTER’ gave me during my own crisis. I will like to share similar thoughts with you.

We are humans and at a point or the other in our lives we tend to have different needs, one of which is the need of being loved by ‘Homo sapiens’ like ourselves and most especially by a “special” opposite sex. We have and will still listen to sermons on choosing the right partner, many of which (and will) clearly state out- 2 Cor 6:14 “be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers…”, meaning, whoever wants the right partner must choose a fellow believer; In reaction to that we have this notion that the lucky one must be a Christian, hence we watch out for the brother or sister of our dreams within the Christian group at different meetings waiting to hear from God and at the slightest glimpse of one that gets our attention, we tend to start asking God if he/she is the messiah we’ve being hoping for or if we are to wait for another. We forget the scriptures at such moments and get carried away by emotions as we start getting intimate with the brother/sister in question. We get heart-broken when this person disappoints us or misbehaves, we feel foolish too and at other times cast aspersions on God…with all other allegations, disregarding our flaws of disobedience, impatience and lust. We are allowed to be disappointed by God because of these subtle reasons.

Are you in a relationship? Take a mental break and query yourself with this question, what led me into this relationship in the first place? Was it God, friends, compulsion, lust or impatience?

We want the best but are often unwilling to follow the best way of getting it. Hear the ‘lover-boy’ in the bible suggesting the best way: oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem, don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe and you are ready”. Songs of Solomon 8:4 (MSG).

So, be patient bro, calm down sis…till you are ready! Stop being in haste about this matter. Did I just hear you say “I will be 28 this year, I am getting old, I have a degree, a good job, I have listened to tapes, read books and gone for several seminars on marriage, therefore I am ready my friend”? Wrong! You don’t determine your readiness, God does. Until you are ready for God’s directives/instructions you are not ready for a marital relationship. That life-partner of your dreams is a gift only God can give you.

So dear friend, stop trying to help God, stop trying to fast forward the show, spend your now learning how to hear from God and, how to obey him promptly, for this is the actual readiness needed for the game of love you are craving. Stop giving God a ‘budget partner’ and start giving God your attention because until God gets your attention he will not speak to you. Choose today to be ready first.


Abegunde Oluwaseun Samuel


Thank you for reading!

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