Today’s post is by someone who inspires me a lot. His ability to combine his creative writing skills with studying medicine is what really gave me the courage to start this blog. This is his story, and it points out that God’s plans are always superior to ours. Read and be blessed.

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give the future you hope for. – Jer 29:11 MSG

Earlier this week, while going through the archives of documents I had at home, I found some very old ones that dated back to 2007, immediately post-secondary school. I saw my application for admission to Osun State University to study Medicine. I had 73% and the cut-off was 50 and was told to come for another interview after which I was denied admission.
I also found another set of documents relating to my one year sojourn and the beautiful Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) where I had also applied for Medicine and was admitted for Chemistry which I studied for one year. During my one year stay I met people I did better than in both UME and post-UME studying medicine and I was aggrieved.
At both points I wanted to be admitted for medicine in these institutions in 2007 but my efforts were frustrated. I thought I had it all, the requirements, the connections but every one of them failed. It just was not enough. The following year, 2008, the admission to the University of Ilorin for Medicine came on a platter of gold, without the sweat and efforts I had put in the previous year. I was happy to be admitted for medicine but sad to have lost a year when I could have easily been admitted in 2007 in any of the above institutions.
Six and half years down the line after intense and rigorous medical training at the “better by far” University of Ilorin, I finished my final exams 2 weeks ago and currently awaiting results. During, the course of my stay, news filtered in that some schools were having challenges with accreditation, and as such their students had experienced a delay. Thankfully University if Ilorin was not affected by this, but the 2 aforementioned schools were involved. Osun State University’s medical school has ceased to exist and had to ship out their students to Ukraine after unsuccessful attempts at obtaining accreditation. Medical students of LAUTECH have had significant delays due to accreditation, strikes and all.
It dawned on me that the time I thought I would be saving If I’d gotten admitted into any of those schools would have been lost by now. Despite my earnest desire, God had better plans for me than I did for myself. I would be nowhere close to writing my final exams if I had gotten what I wanted, in the way I wanted it.
At some points in our lives, when God seems to deny us the good things we desire, we can be sure that its not because we do not deserve them, but because His own plans overrule ours and his plans are ALWAYS perfect. Its not so easy walking in the dark with God when you can’t see where you are going and the paths are unfamiliar; at this point we should have peace that He who is holding our hands knows the end from the beginning.
Learn to trust God through the dark tunnels of your life, and at the end of the tunnel, you’ll see your beautiful destination and the storms he used the tunnel to shield you from.

I conclude with this, are you going through hard times in your academics, relationships, work or any other aspect of your life? Are your perfect plans seemingly giving way for the unexpected? If your life is totally sold out to God, just take a seat as a spectator in what God plans to fashion out of the challenges.
God doesn’t want good things for us, HE wants the best things for us!

Damilola Ogunsina


Thank you for reading!

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