With a plate of Jollof rice garnished with gizzard & plantain in one hand, and a cup of cold water in the other, I happily jumped into my bed. It had been a long week. Thank God for Friday nights…studying was contraindicated. My laptop was in front of me, Season 2 of ”Sister, Sister” playing via YouTube. Tia & Tamera were amazing, and I enjoyed watching the series. My phone buzzed, I had a new BBM notification. Absentmindedly, with my eyes still glued to my laptop screen, I reached for my phone. Then the inevitable happened. A collision occurred. It was a jolly mess on my favorite ‘light blue’ patterned bed-sheet. I had spilled my dinner. That was the third time that week. What was wrong with me anyway?

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my father's instruction 2

Growing up in my teen years, I recall my dad stressing it repeatedly, DO NOT EAT IN THE BEDROOM.
And of all my siblings, I was the chief culprit, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Till date, my bed serves a multifunctional purpose, it’s used for sleeping, studying, praying, eating and more. I enjoy its privacy & convenience.
Eating in bed is particularly fun because I find it easy to chat, read  or watch movies at the same time. However, there is a challenge that comes with it, the risk of SPILLAGE. Nothing is as awkward as having your bed-sheet soiled with traces of sauce and other food particles. I’ve had the experience multiple times and it isn’t pleasant. Whenever it happens, I feel sober for a couple of minutes, berate myself and try to salvage the situation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t break the cycle because at the next available opportunity I’m there on my bed eating.
From such experiences, I’m reminded that simple obedience to my Father’s Instruction would prevent me from the unnecessary stress . Looking back now, I believe my dad had good reasons to ask us not to indulge in that habit. One of these days, I plan to ask him.

It is the same with many Christians today, some of us have a ‘Whatever’ attitude towards divine instructions. We often go ahead to do whatever is convenient for us without minding the outcome. It’s so easy to be slothful, to gossip, slander, grumble, and tell lies among other common vices. These all have repercussions, sometimes significant enough to leave scars that can mar our future.
Whenever God instructs us and we fail to comply, there are consequences. It is true that we can always ask for forgiveness, but ”shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” (Romans 6:1)
Like Stephen R. Covey beautifully puts it, we are free to choose our actions, but we are not free to choose the consequences of these actions.



Thank you for reading!

Tomorrow’s post (DAY 22) is by someone I consider a model, because of him, I was able to take a bold step of faith into blogging. ‘HIS PLANS OVERRULE YOURS’ is what he’ll be sharing with us. Pls do not miss it.


3 thoughts on “DAY 21: MY FATHER’S INSTRUCTION..

  1. Sometimes, it’s good not to know why and just obey. Like George Owell said, Ignorrance is Strength. And like the African adage goes, what an old man standing, a child cannot see climbing a tree. It’s always safe and cost effective to obey. Thanks for sharing that, Requine. And thank God it didn’t spill over your laptop.

  2. hmmmn…I think obeying God without knowing ‘the why’ shows how much we trust him. As for the ‘Ignorance is strength’ part…well, I’m yet to fully comprehend that. Thanks for reading Egbonsky. Pa read it too, and made fun of me …lol.

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