Today’s writer is someone I’ve known and come to admire over the years. He is the author of THE OPPORTUNITY LENS…a book that inspires its readers to move from where they are to where they should be. In this write-up, he reassures us that no matter what we feel or face, God doesn’t forsake. ********************************************************* As my Savior remained glued to the cross, with his body showing gory patterns inflicted by evil lieutenants, his hands and feet voluntarily letting out blood as if from a leaky roof during a torrential downpour and garbed with a cloth that barely covered his nakedness-I spotted a transition. the cross A transition that is so easily unnoticed and I wondered: why doesn’t God just make things clear enough? As human, I’m inclined to not noticing, because spiritual things have to be REVEALED. But I noticed this.. When a certain thief who as far as we know was suffering legally asked Jesus to remember him in his kingdom, Jesus answered emphatically like a boy who knows his dad- “Today, you shall reign with me in my kingdom” He sounded full of confidence as he muttered ‘MY KINGDOM’ Not too long after that assertion, Jesus cried, “ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?”my God, my God, why have you forsaken me? One who was sure he had a kingdom shouldn’t be crying of neglect but Jesus did. However, God didn’t respond. Heaven was on a self imposed restraint not to interfere with history. I direly pray for such restraining ability. To be able to restrain from anger, criticizing and unnecessarily judging others. Come to think of it, if he truly knew he had a kingdom, why did he feel forsaken? The thought of that should have strengthened him I think—-it just didn’t. Sometimes, “The thought of the truth we know about God and his promises to us doesn’t stop us from thinking otherwise especially when faced with a challenge”. Perhaps you know what God says about supplying your needs yet you’re in abject lack. You just might feel forsaken like Jesus felt even though you know you have a kingdom. People say God-the father left his son because he was carrying our sins. How come he was able to faithfully and confidently promise heaven to a man like him, even in that state? Truth is, God was with him every step of the way. So, which would you rather stick to? The feeling of being forsaken or the fact that God will have it all worked out? Although felt forsaken Jesus stuck to the belief that he had a kingdom and was sure he’ll overcome despite the prevailing agony. You should choose that pal, and say like Jesus…………..Father into your hands I commit my spirit. Don’t shut out your feelings but don’t be ruled by them. You’ll overcome. God doesn’t forsake. – Ajomole Kayode ************************************************** To read more inspiring write-ups from Bishop Kay, kindly visit Thank you for reading! PS: For Tomorrow’s Post (DAY 21), I will be sharing My Father’s Instruction…pls don’t miss it.


3 thoughts on “DAY 20: QUESTION 101: GOD! WHY DO YOU FORSAKE?

    1. Thanks for the powerful contribution Doc. I’m always in awe of God’s faithfulness. Despite the times we become too weak to trust Him at times, He doesn’t forsake us. This revelation as thought me to praise Him when I don’t feel like.
      Be great!

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