It’s amazing to have that one person in your life who challenges you to dream, to dare and to do MORE; that’s who my GOLDEN Brother is to me. In Today’s post, he admonishes us on how to move from being VICTIMS of circumstances to VICTORS in Christ. Be inspired as you read.



Insulted, abused, accused wrongly, slapped, punched in the face, beaten, battered, betrayed and even enslaved, yet I lived. I leaned on the couch by the entrance of my house, shaking my head in helpless frustration as my friend and I discussed the situation of things.

I like hanging out with Jomi, first of all, because he is cute, and then his simple dress code always looks smart on him. He wears a face cap, long-sleeved T-shirt, pencil jeans and fine sneaks all the time. He is a cool guy who hardly seemed to have any problems. I on the other hand, complain and lament over the terrible things I face during the day whenever we meet. I just wanted to be like him, without bothers or troubles.

On this fateful day as we discussed, he asked me into the house and started undressing himself until it remained only his boxers. To my amazement, he had different shapes and sizes of scars and some fresh injuries all over his body and even on his head, but always had them covered. Not knowing what to say, I simply asked, “who are you?”
He smacked his lips and said, “I’m the same guy you’ve always known me to be…”

I was confused.

He continued, “When you let people know your weak points they can do four major things. They either:
Look down on you with pity because they can’t help,
Avoid you so that you don’t add to their own problems,
Oppress you because they feel they’re stronger than you’re, or
Pamper you to your own detriment because that’s all they can do.

He tapped my shoulder and said, ”Silence is suicidal but lamenting is worse, it kills slowly and drags you faster to your grave.

At this point, I became even more confused, so I asked, “if I don’t lament and I don’t stay in silence like you just warned me not to, then what can I do?”
He smiled and replied,
Zibquilliyerexa, when you have a fractured bone you don’t announce it on twitter but tell it to your physician. He knows what exactly to do to get you back in shape. That’s how I’ve learned to handle the issues of my life.”

Only one physician understands the matter of the soul. And that physician is Christ Jesus. He knows how you feel per time. You see, just as the body carries a physical form, so also does the soul carry an emotional form. Therefore, as the doctor is to the body, so is Jesus to the soul.

Niran Caleb.


Thank you for reading!

PS: Tomorrow’s post (DAY 20) is by an inspiring friend & writer who I refer to as Bishop Kay…you do not want to miss QUESTION 101: GOD! WHY DO YOU FORSAKE?



  1. I like the simplicity and silence approach. well done. people will unconsciously behave in those four ways to us if we let them into our weakness. somehow I feel some friends are aware of our weakness but won’t act that way. they are not Jesus………….just good friends. rare I guess

    1. You’re right boss…it’s important to surround ourselves with mature and godly friends as well…the type of people who can counsel, encourage, and pray with us. Thanks for reading!

    2. Very true Doc. Like Eunice said, it’s very important for us to surround ourselves with people like that. Thank you Doc. for reading.

    1. Thank you for reading Dr Mosope-Orugun. I believe it will be a wonderful experience when we finally meet face-to-face. Be great!

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