Meet my very own ‘brother wonderful‘ a.k.a Todimous. He is a darling & he’s been there for me both in words & acts. In this post, he shares what most of us know but fail to take advantage of- The Power of Positive Confessions! Read & be blessed.


We all have mouths, lips and tonguesand especially possess a voice (within or without) but how well do we utilize them? Many prefer to eat delicious meals with their mouths than to make positive confessions about their future.
  This reminds me of a great lesson I learnt some years back. As undergraduate medical students, we were made to develop palpitations about the 400L class or Part 4 as some other schools call it. This is because it marks the end of Basic Medical Sciences and the beginning of Clinical Sciences, and more because we had to do 2 courses that seemed so tough (Pharmacology and Pathology). To make matters worse, many brilliant folks were sent packing out of medical school at that level.
On getting there, I had serious challenges, even failed many of the examinations but I held onto a confession I had made 2 years earlier. I kept telling myself ‘the only reason I won’t become a Doctor is if I didn’t get admitted to study the course but since the university made that”mistake” of giving me the admission then nothing can stop me cos I’M UNSTOPPABLE’. And indeed nothing stopped me. Today I’m a registered Medical Practitioner in Nigeria.
 In retrospect, I can say what I have become today by the grace of God, are the things I once proclaimed I was. Not of my own doing but because “YOU GET WHAT YOU SAY”.
 So why not begin to strongly confess positive things about yourself, and future irrespective of what you are seeing at the moment. Refuse every atom of negativity and positively utilize the power in your tongue.
                Indeed just like Proverbs 18:21 says “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue and they that understand it shall eat the fruit thereof”. Be Optimistic, Be Positive.
Have a blessed day.
© Todimous, 2015.


Thank you for reading!

Pls don’t miss tomorrow’s post (DAY 19) by my Golden brother- Caleb…it’s all about ZIBQUILLIYEREXA’S WORLD…it sounds alien, but it’s not what you think. See you then!


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