She’s a calm, focused & believing young lady. Although she chose to be Anonymous for this write-up, I know you’ll be blessed by reading it.

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I woke up startled at the knock on my door. I took a few seconds to determine the orientation of my
sleeping position. I couldn’t quite place whether I was facing north or south (not true north or south,
just the arrangement of my room). The knock wasn’t loud yet I could perceive a resounding tempo
to it. Why I asked? It’s just 5:30 a.m I said as I turned my eyes to the LED clock looming over my
doorway. Slowly I got up first making sure I was properly dressed while reaching for my phone in
case I had to call for help. I inched closer to the door and tried to glance through the peephole to see
if I could recognise who it was. Then suddenly the knock stopped as if whoever standing there
could hear me. Then I heard the voice say “It is me”. And in that split second I was both happy,
sad, scared and shocked (now that I think of it, I think more negative reactions than positive). Is it
who I really think it is, I asked myself.

“Oh No” I muttered as an absolute look of horror crept up my
face. Immediately a million thoughts raced through my mind of how I came to be here. All but the
truth. I began to build mansions of excuses (or more appropriately “Lies”). How to get out of the
situation without looking bad or embarrassed was suddenly important, every other thing was unimportant.
The truth is “My Love” was at the door. He had been away for such a long time that I forgot how
long. Though it’s been long, I still remember Him. But that’s all I can say “remember”. I remember
the first rounds of calls we made after He left; morning, nights and even afternoon tea breaks.
Those were lovely times. Talking to Him was all that mattered. I knew Him so much even though
He was far away. I would constantly ask when He is coming back and He would say If there is
regular communication between us, then you will know‘. I used to laugh at that and continued
probing Him anytime I could. Hours, days, weeks, months and years after, He is here and………..
The thing is, it’s not really my fault. I got busy. Though I could reach Him anytime I wanted but as I
became more occupied with my new job and friends, it became more expensive to make that call.
Time became scarce. But can you blame me? How do you believe a promise that is taking so long
to be fulfilled. “You’ve waited enough”, friends and families told me. And slowly I began to call less,
started with excuses, graduated to lies. After lying for so long, every time we spoke I took the
offensive…claiming that He has no idea what I’m going through and that He does not care. And
yes, I stopped calling.
Now He’s at my door and for a moment I wished it was a dream. I had lost communication with My Love
and because of that, I no longer know His thoughts and feelings. We also no longer share
secrets. No whispered yearnings. It was just me on my own, no more us.
Suddenly I broke down and wept at my door. For how long, it’s difficult to tell. But while crying I
kept apologizing for everything I’d done wrong even though I hadn’t been accused yet. Slowly I
got up, reached for the door knob and turned the latch. I was ready to face whatever was
behind that door. I opened the door with my face glued to the ground trying to avoid eye contact.
When the door was fully opened, I stood there waiting for what seemed like ages for Him to say
something. Then He took a step towards me, hugged me and said “I still love you“.
Oh how deep the Father’s love is for us. Ever gentle, always available. Though we fall short, yet He
remains faithful. With His perfect love that casts out all fear, we can boldly reach out for
reconciliation and enjoy His fellowship.

Anonymous 2.

***                    ***                   ***

Thank you for reading!

Tomorrow’s post (DAY 18) is by my own dear Todimous, he will be sharing with us ‘THE POWER OF POSITIVE CONFESSIONS’.


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