Today’s writer is my humorous, fun-loving Padi, a significant resource to the success of this challenge. One outstanding attribute is that he loves to use ‘unusual words’ to express himself. To those who know him, you’ll agree that this article sounds just like him. Have a great read!

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more love

“Hey, are you in a relationship?” I asked innocently. “No, I’m not!” she replied with such bestial ferocity. I was thrown aback by her stone cold answer. She laughed and said she was sorry for the way she responded so straightly. She already stirred up my curiosity and just saying the word “sorry” wasn’t going to abate it. I asked her as a matter of fact what made her elicit such a response, but she wasn’t going to talk about it. I could sense the hurt in her voice; I tried to identify with her situation. She said she’s gotten her mind made up about men, that they were just mere creatures who are not worth all the tributes accorded them! She said she wished she had a platform to speak with young teenage girls, so she could share her experiences and reveal to them the baleful nature of man. I am sure that by now, you’d be wondering what her experiences are, but for those, she’s chosen to leave to the figment of our imaginations. I asked her, “what about marriage? Don’t you plan to get married?” and in response she said, “Let marriage go somewhere and start a million reps of pushups and when it’s through, she might just reconsider but asides that, she hasn’t got the M word on her plate of worries.”
Henry David Thoreau said and I quote “There’s no remedy for love but to love more.”

I wonder what must have been jogging cross-country through his mind to make him pen down something so insightful! He definitely must have been feeling the loss of love.
Have you ever felt love-starved? Ever had your love unreciprocated or thrown back in your face? Thoreau says love more!
A remedy refers to a cure, therapy, antidote, alleviation to an unpleasant situation/feeling – in this case brought about by a loss of love. It means that instead of going into hiding and turning your back on love, your reaction should be to love more.
Loving more isn’t always the easiest response, neither is it the first thing one thinks about. It is however, the best way to deal with the loss that accompanies love. This doesn’t apply however in situations when you’ve been abused or violated in a fundamental manner. It applies to normal infractions which damage or even break trust. The instinctive response after a feeling of betrayal or after the loss of a lover is to withdraw and protect your heart, but it isn’t the best answer. Do you cut off your nose when you smell something unpleasant? I believe not. You might hold it for a moment but then you go back to breathing normally. The same goes for love.
The truth is, with love comes pain…love is not for the agliophobic (aversion for pain). Love is an act of faith; we hope that our love will produce love in the heart of the loved. Romans 5vs8 says God put his love “on the line” for us…while we were of no use whatsoever to him.
Conclusively, we’ve all had times in our lives when we have been hurt by friends and had our hearts broken by lovers…yes, some time for healing is necessary, but it is equally necessary to learn from our experience and get back out there and love again.

Love in huge quanta, without reservation. Let it go, feel the joy that love brings!

Love, love to pieces, love to distraction, love to stupor, love from here to the moon and back! (loooolz). In short LOVE more>>>


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Thank you for reading!

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing how to better utilize your time by customizing a PRIORITY SCALE. See you then.


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