Today’s post by my good friend & sister-in-Christ, is a call to all Kingdom People. The message is very precise…let your ‘walk’ match your ‘talk’, and be more than an ‘Advertiser’ of the Gospel, be an ‘Ambassador’ for Christ. Be blessed as you read.


To start with, I remember a Congress I attended as a student some years back. It was tagged ‘Kingdom People’. On returning to the campus, I was so enthused about it that some friends started calling me ‘Kingdom Toyin’. {This is a shout-out especially to Ibukun Adeyemi & Tolulope Arogundade…I believe you guys still represent Christ everywhere you go}.

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kingdom people

In our world today, have you ever seen an advertising agent who doesn’t make use of his product regularly to prove that it’s actually good?
Or have you seen a marketer in a bank who does not have an account in that bank? I bet you haven’t.
In the same way, most of us are good advertisers of the Kingdom in fact I would describe us as “perfect advertisers” but we hardly behave like kingdom people. We advertise the Kingdom of God- inviting folks to our church, putting stickers on our cars, door posts, wearing hand-bands with scriptural inscriptions and so on.
However, our words and deeds often don’t portray us as Kingdom People instead we sometimes pursue our fellow brethren from the Kingdom we are advertising.
This is a call for us today to move beyond mere advertisement and begin to actually live for Jesus (in our thoughts, words & actions), for then do we really become recognized by God and man as “Kingdom People.”



Thank you for reading!

PS: You do not want to miss Tomorrow’s post (DAY 13) by another passionate sister of mine Ifunnaya featuring ‘THE INNER STRUGGLE’.


2 thoughts on “DAY 12: KINGDOM PEOPLE

    1. thanks for that Ibk…we have what it takes to live out the Jesus whom we profess- The Holyspirit at work in us. Thank God for the days of shadow too. See how far he has brought us now.

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