Meet Princo as she’s fondly called by the Family…She is smart, adorable, outspoken & among other things, she runs a blog. Today she shares with us what most of us are familiar with…the recklessness that accompanies teenage-life. Some of us did some silly things back then, but thank God we weren’t destroyed in our disobedience, arrogance or ignorance. Have a great read!

Okay, so I was in a prayer meeting today and the guy leading the session was like we should thank God for saving us from dying while doing something stupid in the past. This took me down the memory lane of my high school days.
I’m sure we all know that you tend to be extremely rebellious while in high school. Considering the fact that most of us were teenagers then, that behavior is quite understandable. There was a time I almost got suspended. I must confess I’m kind of proud of that. It makes me look cool now, right? LoL. However, I still don’t get the logic behind some of the things I did back then. I mean, what was I thinking? Some things I did were so dangerous that I could have died in the process.

I remember when I was in SS3 and uncontrollable, I joined the group of scalers. It was a cool thing to know how to scale (jump/go over) a fence or a gate in those days. So being locked in or out of the hostel wasn’t a big deal as you could just scale your way in or out. Lol, what were you thinking? I did not have the liver to scale the school fence o. Ha.
Anyway, let’s just say I scaled for a while until God arrested me. I was on top of my hostel’s gate that fateful day when something made me look down at the distance between the ground and me. Suddenly, fear encompassed me. As if that wasn’t enough, I also realized that I could fall on the spikes that sat on top of the gate if I lost my balance. That scene still replays in my head today and I get scared anytime I recall that experience. I was eventually able to climb my way down with much courage and encouragement from my co-scalers. I think that was where I got the scar I have on my leg now.
To cut the long story short, no teacher or babalawo had to tell me that it would be my last time scaling a gate. Now, I just wonder what else could have happened that day. I could have died right? Someone was definitely looking out for me. So if you don’t believe in God, you should think back to all the stupid things you did in your childhood and teenage years. Ask yourself sincerely now if you don’t feel like someone was watching out for you all those years. If you haven’t done this before, why not go to God now and just say “Thank You” for saving me in those silly years.


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Thank you for reading!

PS: Tomorrow’s post is by another great writer who has chosen to be anonymous. The title is ‘STOP BEING UNGRATEFUL’.


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