Meet my Friend JESUGBEMI, a man of Exploits…not many can master the art of poetry like he does and that’s what makes him OUTSTANDING.  Today’s post is of eternal consequence, quietly ponder upon each line. Bible*******************************************************************************

The ‘Pseudo-Christian’.
The closest differential of a Christian
Yet the farthest diagnosis.
Just before you say “Blasphemy”,
Check your English dictionary!
Diagnosis does not
Only refer to diseases,
It also means
A critical analysis of something.
So,lets make a diagnosis of
The ‘Pseudo-Christian’.
He has got the looks of a Christian,
But lacks the life.
He has got the language,
But lacks the message.
She has got the charisma of a Christian,
But lacks the character.
She has got the letter,
But lacks The Spirit.
He has got the approval of men,
But lacks acknowledgment from God.
He is a worker in a “Church”
But not a member of “The Church”.
She has got a title in the ‘Church’ ,
But lacks a record in heaven.
She has got an office in ‘Church’,
But lacks a place in heaven.
The ‘Pseudo-Christian’.
“Having a form of Godliness
But denying the power thereof”.
Are you a Christian
Or a “Pseudo-Christian”?
“Clerk” yourself.
BAMISAYE Jesugbemi (Exploit) Copyright 2014.


Thank you for reading!

PS: Tomorrow (DAY 9) makes it two years since I first left the ‘golden shores’ of Naija, so join me as I share some highlights/a few lessons from my traveling experience in ‘LE VOYAGE’.


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