Dr. Mosope is an excellent writer who is also gifted with good oratory skills, and when it comes to ‘digging deep’ into the word, he is an awesome teacher…I call him my Mentor. Today’s article is concise & precise. Have a meaningful reading!


Before we go on talking about other things let us paint a mental picture. The mind is one of the most powerful assets the world has today. Imagine a weighing balance with 2 loads, one on each end; the balance moving up & down on either side but neither side touching the ground. We will need that picture as we progress.

balance (symbol)
Balance is perhaps the most important word we do not hear often, but life was created for balance and the reverse is true too. Balance is the symbol of justice, justice is the heart of the law. The law maintains order and annihilates anarchy in every system. An anarchy free system is the only one that will fulfill the purpose for its existence.
Life and success are best viewed through this glass. Balance is the way we can carry the weakest sphere of life along with the same ardor as the most exciting part of it. It is not a state of perfect fixation of all endeavors, it is rather fluid and in constant motion, it is the fun of life; finding balance is what the stress of each day is about, after working so much for it though, many end up largely not quite “achieving” it. But, I found a simple biblical way that will hep us.
It is in 1Tim 6vs6- “godliness with contentment is great gain. I found out that…there are many things we will not be godly about till We are contented with them…also, there are many a things We will never be contented with till We are godly about. Hence I found an elaborate rendering of the verse…“godliness and contentment (make a great balance and great balance) is great gain. Balance is not a destination we get to, it is a trip we daily take, each day having its own peculiarities.
Have a balanced life beloved.


Thank you for reading!

PS: Please join us again tomorrow (DAY 7) as another wonderful brother of mine popularly called ‘Kenny-drums’ shares on ‘PATIENCE IN FAITH’. See you then!


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