Andrew is one of the most vibrant young chaps I’ve met…he is unique, brilliant, likes to express himself & loves God in an attractive way. Today he shows us that there are two sides to the word ‘QUIT’. Be blessed as you read.


to quit or not to quit

As early as you learnt to read an article like this, you must have tried a lot of things and gone through a lot of difficulties. The easiest way, you may agree with me, is always to “give up”. Here is the catch though: giving up is not an option that comes with easy adventures; it is one that comes after you have made a worthwhile decision. With easy choices, you hardly remember that you can give up. With tougher choices, however, the first thing that presents itself is the option to quit.
Should you give up? No! When you quit, you lose the prize at the end of your hard work. After you have worked your heart out and put your nose to the grindstone, all you are left with is sour muscles and the stench of failure; victory is long gone by then.
Quitting is a horrible choice that can easily become a habit. It starts with the ‘little things’. You decide to start waking up at 5 o’clock every morning and by the third day you convince yourself that “5:30 am would not be that bad”. You want to fast from 6am to 6pm for three days and on the second day you shorten the time to 3pm. You make a reading schedule to read for at least five hours everyday. After a week, you see nothing wrong with deciding to “take the weekend off”. “What the hell!” you say. “This is a minor thing. It’s not a life or death situation”. Before long, it becomes a habit and you practically cannot see anything through to the end! That is just miserable.
To fall into the habit of quitting is very horrible!
You, however, have probably heard all of this before and for the most part, it may have sounded like “blah…blah…blah!”
I am not writing to say you should never give up. Contrary to traditional beliefs, quitting has two sides. Have you ever heard the saying “quitters never win and winners never quit”? That saying seems to emphasize that quitting is for horrible losers and that unless you see all your decisions through to the end, you are not a winner. I beg to differ! There are times – not always – you must quit to succeed.
Quit smoking!
A habit, once formed, is not easily broken and a lot of destructive habits are formed in one lifetime. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a self-destructive habit and the only reason you continue in that habit is that you feel it is already too late to stop. “I’ve already come this far, I might as well finish up with what I was doing”, you say; but that is not right. It is never too late to turn back and do the right thing.
Not all habits are consciously started; some are due to negligence while others are due to influences other than ours (friends, movies, teachers, etc.). In all cases, quitting the habit entails more than just promising yourself to never go back. On your own, it takes a lot of work to eventually become better at anything at all. With God however, it is literally a miracle how fast things can improve. Ultimately, the only way to become truly like Jesus is to ask him to make you like him; and until you want to change for the better, nothing – and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – in heaven or on earth can change you.
What are you going to do now? Do everything exactly the same way, or write out a list of things you know you should quit and work on quitting them from A to Z?

-Chinemerem Andrew Iheanacho


Thank you for reading!

PS: Tomorrow’s Post (DAY 6) will feature someone I have much respect for when it comes to writing. Dr. Mosope will shed some light on ‘BALANCE’. Pls don’t miss it.


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