Apart from Surgeons, Pediatricians are another group of doctors I have utmost respect for. Their level of Patience is admirable. ‘As Courage is to Surgeons, so is Patience to Pediatricians’. And the saying ‘Patience is a Virtue’ is especially true when taking care of sick kids. Today’s post is not necessarily about patience, it’s rather on an experience that taught me an invaluable lesson. Read & be encouraged.
During my pediatric posting, a young girl with a history of recurrent and severe asthmatic attacks was admitted. During our morning rounds on this particular day, she was being nebulized but interestingly enough was singing right through the mask. The nurses on duty, doctors and students alike were quite amused and tried to discourage her due to our concern that singing would exacerbate her symptoms. In spite of our combined efforts, the little girl didn’t keep still.  Few beds away from hers, I paid close attention to the song on her lips…it was ‘I KNOW WHO I AM’ by Sinach. The young girl was singing ‘Take a look at me I’m a wonder, it doesn’t matter what you see now, can you see his glory?’
I smiled to myself and concluded that she was from a proper Christian home. Few days after the incident, I was singing that same song at home as I did some chores; when I remembered the little girl, it suddenly dawned on me ‘What if she had been unknowingly prophesying?’… It doesn’t matter what you doctors, nurses & co see now, I know who God says I am.
Paediatric ward

We the medical team simply saw a chronic asthmatic patient, but in God’s eyes, she was a wonder & full of his glory.
From that experience, I’ve realized that we always have to consciously decide to go with God’s word rather than the opinions of men. Opinions may be based on perceptions, feelings, experiences, and sometimes facts. God’s word is however based on the Truth.
This is to encourage some of us who allow popular opinions to limit us, be reassured that you’re a wonder in the eyes of your maker. Don’t let the things others see, think or say stop you from fulfilling your divine mandate. People’s opinions may be with the best of intentions, but if they are not in line with God’s word, freely discard such. It doesn’t matter if the opinions come from Family, Friends, Teachers, Colleagues, Pastors, and Doctors etc. Refuse to be limited.
Isaiah 60:1 says ‘Arise & Shine, for your light is come and God’s glory is risen upon you’.
Whose report will you believe? As for me, I choose to believe the report of the Lord!
Thanks for reading!
PS: Tomorrow’s post (DAY 5) is something worth pondering on… Please join Andrew as he shares with us ‘To quit or not to quit’.


2 thoughts on “DAY 4: A LESSON FROM THE WARD

  1. ‘People’s opinions may be with the best of intentions, but if they are not in line with God’s word, freely discard such.’
    I’m touched by the above word, sounded like I’m just hearing them for the first time.
    Thank you Ololade for being a blessing.

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