Oluwaseun is my brother-in-Christ. From the encounters I’ve had with him, he doesn’t like to mince words…he tells you what you need to hear, and at the right time too. May your hearts be blessed as you read this piecepseudo-christian.

“I am done with mine but just want to wait for Kemi before I proceed”, “I love that shirt but will wait till Tayo is persuaded to buy it before I do”, “I have the money to do this thing but let me wait to see if I can get it free”, “I am buoyant but will wait till my husband sends the money before I get that stuff”, “Sweet heart, “I am yet to fix the kitchen’s sink, I’m waiting for you to…”, “I am ready for class but just waiting for Samson”….;
Many a times in our lives, we are so given to depending on the other person, we find joy, comfort, peace and companionship in doing things with other people, this I must confess is fun-filled and fulfilling as it helps build stronger relationships in a way.
However, the syndrome of waiting in some areas of our lives is really a harmful one. It can pose to be a transfer of self-worth, self-responsibility and a canker-worm to one’s intellect. We are oft times given to this “waiting syndrome” to the extent that we can’t rightly make some reasonable decisions ourselves and some other people just don’t feel good enough until someone somewhere gives an approval to what they desire to do. Many are even defeated at the slightest sly look on the other person’s face…all because of “the waiting syndrome”.
Wake-up reader! You are the earthly captain of your ship, everybody here has his’/hers’ to navigate, stop waiting for approving looks/signals of others before you take bold steps in your life. Welcome advices, ponder on them, respect counsels but don’t always wait for people to give you directions. The power to make or mar you is inside of you, that which will make you is renewed each time you dare to move against the currents like a living fish, you are best encouraged and inspired by yourself, you re-energize and best utilize this “making power” when you start doing (rightful) things without necessarily caring about what others think. Likewise, you diminish the making power (in different ways) when you keep doing things based on what others think because time is wasted waiting to get response from others which most times will be against your dreams.
I once wrote that one of my secret of happiness is “I don’t just buy what is good but rather what I like”, the fact that something is good doesn’t mean I like it, someone said it was good based on his/her own taste and discretion, it might not be good for me. Meaning, I decide what’s good for me and not “people”.
Dear reader, how long will you be a slave to what others think of you? How long will you be a prisoner of others view about your dreams? How long will you continue to seek approvals from others about your aspirations? Wake-up and take charge of your ship!
You are brilliant, you are intelligent, you are beautiful/handsome, you are decisive, you are witty, you are vibrant, you are bold, you are confident! Go and take charge of the rudder of your destiny and call Jesus along with you as you sail through…’s only His approval that should matter to you. Bon voyage as you sail with the counselor; JESUS and always remember that:
People that wait for others don’t go far in life….
Those that get farther are those that are not afraid to and are always ready to TAKE THE LEAD!
Wait for no man…..get going!!!
Abegunde Oluwaseun Samuel


Thank you for reading!

PS: Tomorrow’s post (DAY 4) will be another interesting read, as I’ll be sharing with you ‘A LESSON FROM THE WARD’.


7 thoughts on “DAY 3: THE WAITING SYNDROME.

  1. great write up. waiting stalls purpose and truth is we find ourselves waiting, sometimes unknowingly. I’ve got to be more conscious. you’re really doing a great job Requine.

    1. ‘Waiting stalls purpose’…that’s a great truth! Every purposeful individual must note that any waiting that is not God’s directive is a stumbling block to greatness.
      Thank you for that sir. I appreciate your constant encouragement.

  2. This is one of the truths we would rather not hear but hear it we shall and improve we will. Thanks to the bearer of the idea and to everyone that lifts up her hand.

    1. Beeni o…we have heard it & we must improve. Of late, God has been impressing it on my heart that knowledge is of no use, unless it’s well maximized. ‘A man who knows but refuses to act based on that knowledge, is as good as a man who knows not’. Thanks for the compliment sir.

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