Loving your Neighbor…1

Woow! It feels like ages since I last came here.
So much to do even without the books…
I had high hopes that there will be so much time to flex around writing and keep things rolling but as fate would have it, there has really been no time.
And where time was available, there were no adequate facilities, and where facilities were not lacking, motivation was absent! Loool.

Tonight, I just felt it was high time I put something on this blog…abi?
Actually, there’s been a little inspiration *winks*
Have a good read!

*** *** *** *** *** ***
‘Love your neighbor as yourself, and not more than yourself. [Emphasis mine]

So the gist is this, why is loving my neighbor practically difficult?
I have come to realize that it is easier to love people when we truly love ourselves.
I have personally come to appreciate the power of loving one’s self.
My mom defines love as wanting God’s best for a person at all times (In this case, one’s self), whether you will benefit from it directly or not. #Emphasis mine. Anything short of that in my opinion, is not love.

According to the bible, love is patient, kind, humble, truthful, hopeful, forgiving, not proud, not envious, not dubious and many more.

How much of these have we applied to ourselves in the first place? little wonder it’s usually next to impossible to extend the same grace towards other people.

Often-times, what we think is love is not love. Let me explain.
Self-deceit and indulgence are two common culprits that impersonate love.

For instance, A man who claims to love himself and wants to enjoy life, indulges in alcohol and slowly begins to kill himself.
Or a student who prefers to watch movies instead of studying, hardly realizes he/she is on the way to unavoidable failure.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end of it is destruction. (Proverbs 16:25).

******* *******
~to be continued~

Be wise! Love yourself in the light of God’s word today. Have a beautiful Easter season, remember ‘Jesus saves’.



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