PART 2 of the PART 1!


The breeze of exams is finally over (at least for now) until a couple of months time!

In other words, I hope to see MORE of this blog, write MORE articles & get MORE feed-backs.



There is always a big expectation that comes with that one word…

The aspiration to reach some height, meet some goal or have a desire fulfilled_

It’s one beautiful word that has been my friend for years,

It keeps me smiling when the sun so beautifully shines,

And wipes my tears in the dark and star-less nights;

Hope soothes my worries and makes my fears nought,

It awakens me with ideas and helps me to think great thoughts;

Hope renews my strength when all I want to do is give up,

And has a way of making things happen in God’s own beautiful time.

HOPE is that friend that I hope I will always have,

And I hope you will like to make HOPE your very dear friend too.


Okay, let’s get to the PART 2.

***      ***      ***     ***      ***      ***

The questions are fewer today than the last time,

Not because I have more answers now than I did then,

Let’s just say now I have a better idea about what was on my mind,

A more concrete approach to those questions that poked me sore…

The whys, the whats, the whens and the hows_

Those things that make us cry, those things that make us sigh,

Those things that give us pain, those things that make us pale,

The sowing that seem to be without reaping,

The giving that seem to be without returns,

The prayers that seem to have no response,

The labor that seem to have no rewards…

Many Questions without satisfactory Answers,

All Efforts tending to be futile and in vain,

Frustrations piling up like thick clouds,

And all we are ever told to do is Wait!

We tend to ask why?

Why is this happening at all???

We tend to ask what?

What is the reason behind it???

We tend to ask when?

When will there be the expected change???

We tend to ask how?

How much more of it can we take???


PS: I’ll have to stop here for now.Image

It’s such a long post already.

*To be continued SOON!




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