Day 11 – Polypharmacy

Now this is hilarious but sadly true…in our walk with God, specificity is key! So help us God…

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Edward sat behind the consulting table listening to the woman explain the history of her presenting complaint. She said a chemist diagnosed her of high blood pressure after examining her with his sphygmomanometer. She had begun treatment for hypertension ever since then and had been faithful with the drugs. This threw Edward into confusion. The blood pressure he recorded wasn’t representative of a patient who has been regular on drugs.

Edward then popped the question that which drugs was she given? Then she replied that, Likita, those drugs are plenty ooo, e reach like 8. Edward could not believe his ears; he kept his cool enough to ask her if it was hypertension plus another condition to which she responded that it was hypertension only. He began to wonder which classes of drugs had to be combined to give 8 drugs and still not tip the patient into hypotension…

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